Mattel Ghostbusters, Toy Story, WWE, and Avatar Exclusives Announced on Attack of the Show

Attack of the Show aired part two of Blair Butler’s visit with Mattel’s Toy Guru, aka Scott Neitlich, where they covered the remaining exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con. We had guessed at some of these looking at snapshots of the video clips from the first reveal, but we hadn’t seen the Toy Story exclusive before tonight. Without further ado, here’s what was shown:

  • The Real Ghostbusters Retro-Action Heroes Peter Venkman – Mattel kicks off an extension to the Ghostbusters license with Mego-styled figures from the popular animated series. For SDCC, Venkman comes in his movie colors, as the Real Ghostbusters appeared in the episode, “Citizen Ghost.”
  • Toy Story 3 Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear – this new Toy Story character, voiced by Ned Beatty in the upcoming third movie in the Toy Story series, will only be available as an SDCC and exclusive. The movie opens June 18, so Lots-O should have lots of companions on shelves waiting for him to join. He’ll apparently come with a shortcake scent.
  • WWE Wrestlemania XV Undertaker – this exclusive looks like an Entrance Great, with the Undertaker appearing in his Ministry of Darkness costume from Wrestlemania XV when he faced the Big Boss Man in the “Hell in a Cell” cage match. If it’s an Entrance Great, it will come with a base and sound chip that plays his entrance music. This version of the Undertaker will only be available as an SDCC and exclusive.
  • Avatar “Final Battle” Jake Sully vs. Colonel Quaritch – Jake gets a new head, the AMP gets some battle-damage, and they all get new accessories. A full diorama in package will make you think twice about opening it.

Toy Guru promises even more reveals, so check back again tomorrow.

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics and DC Comic-Con Exclusives – What You May Have Missed

Update: Toy Guru has posted details on Mattel’s Facebook page. His comments are quoted below.

DCIH Starro.jpg

I was lucky enough to be able to watch Mattel’s reveals for their San Diego Comic-Con exclusives on yesterday’s Attack of the Show, but it all went by so quickly. So I took a few screen caps to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Probably still did, so let me know of any glaring omissions.

Starro DC 75th pack

DCIH Starro 2.jpgDCIH Starro 3.jpgDCIH Starro 4.jpgDCIH Starro 5.jpgDCIH Starro 6.jpg

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Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics and DC Comic-Con Exclusives Announced on Attack of the Show

On Attack of the Show today, Blair Butler visited Mattel’s Toy Guru, aka Scott Neitlich, to get the skinny on Mattel’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusives. Without further ado, here’s what was revealed:

  • Masters of the Universe Classics Skeletor and Mo-Larr from the Robot Chicken sketch – we saw this set at Mattel’s collector event at Toy Fair. Skeletor is missing a tooth, like he is at the end of the sketch.
  • Masters of the Universe Classics Orko – comes with a Prince Adam “accessory.” Adam, a fully-articulated figure, was positioned in the package sideways below Orko, obscured partially by standard packaging. When you dip Orko in hot water, he turns transparent and “disappears.” When you dip his spellbook in hot water, the SDCC logo appears. I imagine the SDCC logo is exclusive to the version that will be sold at SDCC, but I’m not sure if Orko’s disappearing act is also exclusive to the show version.
  • DC Universe Classics Plastic Man – he’ll come with attachments, with the suitcase as the SDCC exclusive piece. His head and arms plug into the suitcase.
  • DC Infinite Heroes Starro and Justice League 5-Pack. This will be a bendable Starro that looks like it could be 12-inches tall, and comes with the original Justice League in what looked to be Infinite Heroes scale – Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman. In addition, there’s mini-Starros that look to fit on the faces of both the DCIH pack-ins and DC Universe Classics figures.

Stay tuned for another AOTS segment on the 15th!

Is Marvelman a Hasbro Marvel Universe Exclusive for San Diego Comic-Con?

ToyOtter at ActionFigureInsider pointed out this article at Bleeding Cool – claiming a Marvelman exclusive from Hasbro for San Diego Comic-Con. It’s got the ring of truth to it, but I’ll look for confirmation. Last year, Hasbro produced multiple Marvel Universe exclusives for SDCC, so I don’t think Marvelman is precluded by the Ages of Thunder Thor and Ultimate Captain America that they announced at Toy Fair.

Hasbro To Debut Marvelman Figure At San Diego

Last year, Joe Quesada announced that Marvel had bought the rights to the Marvelman character from Mick Anglo. Last month we discovered Marvel were publishing a number of classic Marvelman strips from the fifties and sixties. And now it seems Hasbro are getting in on the act with a Marvelman toy. And making it a San Diego 2010 Exclusive.

Negotiations over the rights to the Alan Moore/Garry Leach/Alan Davis/Chuck Austen/Rick Vietch/Jon Totleben/Neil Gaiman/Mark Buckingham run on the book from the nineteen eighties have still not been fully nailed down, so the odds are that the character will be based on the original Mick Anglo designs rather than the Garry Leach look.

And odds are it should look a little better than the Todd McFarlane versions….

via Hasbro To Debut Marvelman Figure At San Diego Bleeding Cool Comic Book News and Rumors.

San Diego Comic-Con G.I. Joe Sgt. Slaughter Details and Press Pics

Hasbro has released details and high res pics of their two San Diego Comic-Con G.I. JOE Sgt. Slaughter exclusives.

I think the direction they’re taking this fall with the Pursuit of Cobra line is interesting, but the Sarge here has me jonesing for more classic-styled figures.

G.I. JOE Sgt. Slaughter_PF02 (hi-res).jpgG.I. JOE Sgt. Slaughter_VF02 (hi-res).jpg

  • There are going to be two different versions of the Sgt. Slaughter 3.75-inch figure – a primary figure (PF) and variant figure (VF), sold separately.
  • Re: accessories, both the PF and VF will come with a whistle and a non-removable hat. The PF also comes with a weight belt, baton, and microphone; the VF also comes with a machine gun and revolver.
  • There is the potential for the PF and VF to be sold online at following SDCC, but that is not guaranteed based on the “special edition” nature of the PF and the “special SPECIAL edition” nature of the VF.
  • Pricing is TBA.
  • As announced at New York Toy Fair: Sgt. Slaughter himself will be present at the Hasbro booth at SDCC (date/time TBA).