Toy Fare #163 Reveals Masters of the Universe Classics Catra and new DCUC vs. MOTUC 2-Pack

Catra from the Princess of Power Style Guide

Mattel gave us a tease of Catra when they published the latest release schedule for Masters of the Universe Classics in 2011 earlier today. I haven’t yet been to my local comic book store, but I did get the lowdown from a subscriber who’s had his issue of Toy Fare 163 for a few days now.

The single page write-up covers both the Princess of Power Catra figure (part of the Club Eternia subscription in May) as well as the next DC Universe Classics vs. Masters of the Universe Classics 2-pack, featuring (yet another) Hal Jordan and Zodac.

Catra follows the Princess of Power style guide design very closely, with the red dress with Hordak’s symbol, red high-heeled boots, red collar, and purple cape. In the large photo, she appears without a mask, although the write-up mentions that she’ll come with two: a red one like the cartoon (and style guide), and a silver one from the vintage toy. A smaller picture shows the red mask, presumably the other side of the picture released by Mattel earlier today.

She is pictured with both a sword with cat-faced hilt and a silver cat-faced shield with red gem – the shield is also an homage to the vintage toy. It’s unclear how the masks will work. The unmasked head is pictured without any holes – I would disappointed but not surprised if she ends up with a hole in her forehead for the masks, since that’s how Mattel made the masks work for She-Ra.

The Hal Jordan from the DCUC vs. MOTUC 2-pack was described as having the metallic modern deco (no green trunks), looking identical to the recent All-Star Green Lantern that was also a Toys R Us exclusive. The Zodac redeco seems pretty simple. All that I heard was that he is pictured with white gloves. I imagine Mattel is counting on the Green Lantern movie to drive interest in this 2-pack. Zodac was one of the slower moving Masters figures on his original release date.

Toy Fare 163 is also supposed to feature the debut of some more Green Lantern movie figures. I forgot to ask my friend about those, so I’ll be checking it out when I pick up my copy of Toy Fare later this week.

Update: folks have found a Toy Fare scan for Catra on Facebook.

DC Universe Classics Custom Green Lanterns by Ibentmyman-thing and Buzzy Fret

DC Universe Classics modded Green Lanterns

We seem to be having a Green Lantern theme going on today, so I thought I’d post a quick picture of some of the mods that I’ve been getting done for my Green Lantern shelf.

  • Guy Gardner – I felt he really suffered between prototype and production with regard to the size of his head. Benty made a mold and cast it in wax for the natural shrinkage. Because it was in wax, he was able to mod the jawline before re-molding. Awesome paint work too!
  • Alan Scott – He suffered from big head-itis too, so Benty followed the same process by casting in wax. For Alan, I also asked him to close his mouth and bring forward his receding hairline just a tad. Benty painted the final cast too.
  • Hal JordanBuzzy already did a very nice write-up for his resculpt of Hal’s hair to achieve the modern look. I never saw the metallic Hal at Toys R Us, so when Buzzy found an extra I asked him if he would put on a cast of the modern head and paint it for me. I also asked him to raise the head a little, as Hal suffers from no neck-itis straight out of the box.

Big thanks to Benty and Buzzy for these awesome GLs! If anyone wants more pics, close-ups, comparisons, etc, let me know and I’ll snap some more pics!

Marvel Legends Deadpool Comparison Pics

Deadpool 011 (1280x720).jpg

When Hasbro announced the winners of their Marvel Legends Fan’s Choice poll wayyyy back in August – and that’s 2009, not this year – there was a very polarized reaction. Cheering were the folks who never had the chance to pick up the original Marvel Legends Deadpool from wave 6 in the Toy Biz run. And jeering were the folks who may already have had Deadpool but were regardless upset that one of the few slots for Marvel Legends, which under Hasbro has been limited to a handful of 2-packs over the course of the past couple of years, was going to be used for a re-do.

I was lucky enough to find the highly coveted RedPool 2-pack recently and wanted to snap some pictures comparing the new figures with the original release.

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Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Legends Fan’s Choice Winner 2-Pack Hulk

TRU-FC ML 2 Pack Hulk 010.jpg

Hulkyrie Set Front.jpgHulkyrie Set Back.jpg

I’m sure most of the FOOM toy collectors know that the new Hasbro Marvel Legends TRU Exclusive Fan’s Choice Winner 2-packs are now flooding into Toys R Us stores and available on Since I’ve been able to get the sets I was coveting, I thought I’d take a little break from DC Universe Classics and spread some Marvel Legends love – starting with the jade giant of the Marvel U., the Hulk!

TRU-FC ML 2 Pack Hulk 002.jpgTRU-FC ML 2 Pack Hulk 003.jpgTRU-FC ML 2 Pack Hulk 004.jpgTRU-FC ML 2 Pack Hulk 005.jpgTRU-FC ML 2 Pack Hulk 006.jpgTRU-FC ML 2 Pack Hulk 001.jpg

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