NYCC 2014: Hasbro Shares Press Pics from ‘Twas the Night Before Party

Marvel Infinite Series Wave 2

The mood lighting at Hasbro’s ‘Twas the Night Before (New York Comic Con) party was great for getting us in a festive mood, but is hell on the smart phone I have convinced myself is better than lugging around a few pounds of camera gear. (How’d I do? Check out my own pics from the event.) But Hasbro planned ahead, sharing press pics of pretty much all the reveals from this evening’s soiree.

And of course, we’re sharing them with you. We’ve got the official pics from Marvel, Star Wars, Transformers, KRE-O, and the latest of the Angry Birds mash-ups – Angry Birds Transformers. Enjoy!

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Toy Fair 2014: ThreeA Toys Reveals Dr. Doom, Iron Man Articulation

One of the toy companies I was most looking forward to is 3A Toys, who are at Toy Fair this year to increase their presence with retailers. They’ve generated a very dedicated grass roots fan base in the past several years producing toys based on the artwork of co-owner Ashley Wood. More recently, they’ve been branching out with licensed properties – and one of the ones I’ve found most interesting is their collaboration with Marvel.

The first 1/6 figure to come out of this collaboration is Iron Man – he’s currently available to pre-order at Bambaland (3A’s online store) in four different colorways. In addition to 3A’s unique styling for the character, Iron Man will feature mostly hidden articulation, via a thin skin covering joints that are usually exposed – in this case over the elbows and knees. I’ve been curious to see how this will look the more bent they are – the figures shown at Toy Fair show a little bunching with bent elbows, but not as much as I expected.

I think I would have preferred the joints to be exposed, like they are with Dr. Doom, the next figure that they’ve revealed. While the skin does make Iron Man look pretty sleek, he is after all a guy in a suit of armor, so joints wouldn’t be out of place. The WIP Doom looks pretty damn awesome. In previous Q&A’s Ash has said Spider-Man and Ultron are the next to come, but expect this line to have a slow burn, due to 3A’s meticulous design and development process. It took about a year from the initial Iron Man announcement to having the figure available to pre-order.

Photo credit: – many more excellent pictures of 3A’s Toy Fair booth

ThreeA Toys Shares More Iron Man Pics and Marvel News

It’s been over half a year since we saw the initial teaser for the 3A Toys Iron Man, so we were overdue for some updates. The pics of the prototype look good, and give a better view of how the hidden articulation (like in the elbows and knees) will look, or not look, as the case may be.

I’m also pleased with the other characters they’re making – I think with the exaggerated limbs, Spidey will look especially nice.

THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN we been working for a while.

3A Toys Marvel Invincible Iron Man 1 3A Toys Marvel Invincible Iron Man 2 3A Toys Marvel Invincible Iron Man 3

Ashley Wood been given the liberty to make his own version of ICONIC Marvel characters, currently we can reveal that aside of IRON MAN, we are working on ULTRON, DR. DOOM and SPIDERMAN.

We are planning to offer IRON MAN for pre-order in December 2013 (all depends how fast everything will be approved).


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