Ask Matty Q&A Round-Up for 7/15

We’ve got the final Ask Matty Q&A before Comic-Con. Sure, we’re a few days late (more on that later), but that’s not the fault of the team at Mattel. Hope to see you at the big show!

1) We’re really looking forward to San Diego Comic-Con next week. We know you’ll be bringing the latest from your DC Universe, Masters of the Universe, Ghostbusters, Voltron and WWE brands. Will you have any new licenses to announce? Any hints?

(Photography credit: – be sure to check out the Fwoosh for the latest First Looks at the San Diego Comic-Con Mattel exclusives and more!)

No, we will not have any new licenses to announce at the show.

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Ask Matty Q&A Round-Up for 7/1

The Mattel team got the latest Q&A back to us yesterday afternoon, but I didn’t have time to post until this morning. I’ll blame the pile of loot that Big Bad Toy Store delivered, which included my set of DC Universe Classics wave 18. Amazing, and more to come!

1) A lot of us have been wondering how the new DC Universe comics relaunch due in September will be reflected in the DC Universe Classics line. When did you get wind of the changes? How has that affected the line-ups due out in 2012?

It has given us the opportunity to work some of the new looks into the line and refresh key characters. We are actually reworking some of our 2012 line up to take advantage of this! Stay tuned for more at SDCC!

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Masters of the Universe Classics Faceless One, Battleground Teela, and More on Sale 6/15

It could be a relatively slow day for the MattyCollector sale for June. Headlining the Masters front is the Faceless One (that was not an attempt at a pun) – despite being revealed as Evil-Lyn’s father, he’s a more obscure choice from the 200X cartoon series and received a bit of a lukewarm reception to his MOTUC reveal at NY Toy Fair.

On the other hand, Battleground Teela looks to be a fantastic quarterly bonus figure for folks that want her rendition from the mini-comics. See the Fwoosh’s First Look at Battleground Teela for more pics. Round out the day with Grizzlor and Whiplash re-issues, a Ghostbusters 2 Winston, and a GL John Stewart for the Mego fans.

Here’s the link to the all-in-one bundled order page for your convenience.

Mattel also announced today its 2012 editions of Club Ecto and Club Eternia, along with newcomer Club Lion Force for its new Voltron offerings. More info to come at San Diego Comic-Con, but the pleasant surprise here is that your orders for multiple club subscriptions will now benefit from combined shipping.

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AFP Ask Matty Round-Up for 6/1/11

Would you look at this? We made the deadline for the latest installment of Ask Matty. Big thanks to the folks at Mattel!

1) We’re pretty psyched to have Swamp Thing finally joining the DC Universe Classics line! Can you tell us more about the “endoskeletal” articulation – is that an existing DCUC body under there, or a new base just from Swamp Thing? Will the underlying figure have the standard DCUC points of articulation, like bicep, waist, wrist, and thigh swivels?

Swamp Thing articulation 6Swamp Thing articulation 5Swamp Thing articulation 1

>> See more pictures of Swamp Thing’s articulation

We’ve asked design if they can provide specifics. As soon as we get an answer back we will post it.

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Mattel San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Exclusives at the Comic Bug


I got a chance to swing by The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach to see a preview of Mattel’s upcoming SDCC Exclusives. Mattel’s El Segundo Main Office is close by and apparently some Matty people come here for their comic fixes and were able to let them display this year’s Comic-Con exclusives for a couple of days (the display only lasts ’til today, Tuesday, May 10th). They were kind enough to let me take some pics!

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