Is DC Universe Classics Wave 17 the “Rainbow Lantern” Wave?

Online retailers have just put up their pre-order pages for DC Universe Classics wave 17 – see the order pages for AFP sponsors Big Bad Toy Store and Enchanted Toy Chest, for example – and while they are staying mum, possibly until mid-January, the speculation on the internet about the line-up is running rampant.

One pervasive rumor is that wave 17 will consist of the “Rainbow Lanterns” (pictured above) – popular characters who were deputized-for-a-day by the various Lantern Corps during DC Comics’ recent mega-popular Blackest Night event. I found threads talking about the rumored lineup at a lot of the toy sites – Action Figure Insider, Critical Mess, the Fwoosh, and even Mattel’s forums on The line-up that seems to be sticking is:

  • Blue Lantern Flash
  • Orange Lantern Lex Luthor
  • Yellow Lantern Scarecrow
  • Indigo Lantern Atom
  • Sapphire Lantern Wonder Woman
  • Black Lantern Hal Jordan
  • White Lantern Hal Jordan (variant)
  • Collect & Connect Anti-Monitor

Of course, if wave 17 really will be a deputy Lantern wave, then it’d be more satisfying to swap out Hal Jordan for Red Lantern Mera, and to give her a green costumed non-angry variant. After all, I already have four versions of DC Universe Classics Hal Jordan – wave 3, 2-pack with classic suit, All-Star modern metallic, and the graying temples version from the Green Lantern 5-pack.

So, is the rumored line-up true?

I have no idea, but all the right indicators are there. The folks I know who would be privy to the info aren’t saying much, and no one has stepped up to deny it. The guys who like to make it known they know but are really acting on third-hand info are all singing the same tune. So, this is either a well-coordinated spin machine or there’s some kernel of truth in it.

It certainly sheds a different light on the interview VeeBee and I conducted with Toy Guru and Bill Benecke, and the survey that FanGirl 2.0 put together, which asked, among other things, if we buy DC Direct figures and why we’d buy them over DC Universe Classics. And from our latest Ask Matty from 9/15:

2) With Green Lantern Classics announced as a new line extension, does that mean that we won’t be seeing GL-related characters in the main DC Universe Classics line in the short-term? If we’ll still see GL characters in DCUC, what will determine if they go in GLC or DCUC?

There will still be some GL related characters in the mainline, but you will certainly get more of them in the GL Classics waves! After all, 2011 will be a big year for ring slingers.

Even though none of this is confirmed, people are divided on whether this makes sense for the DC Universe Classics main line. Blackest Night was tremendously popular, at or near the top of the volume and dollar rankings for comics sales each month an issue came out. And it spawned one of DC Direct’s most popular action figure lines – each of the rumored figures were made by DC Direct. However, what’s interesting is that in our own Top Ten poll for Green Lantern Classics the included 75 GL-related characters, the Rainbow Lanterns were at the middle of the pack or lower.

Rank Character Votes
27 Barry Allen (Blue Lantern) 87
28 Scarecrow (Sinestro Corps) 84
30 Wonder Woman (Star Sapphire) 77
31 Lex Luthor (Orange Lantern) 74
33 Mera (Red Lantern) 63
46 Ray Palmer (Indigo Tribesman) 35

Note: Hal Jordan was not one of the 75 available choices on the poll.

So, what do you think?

On a final note, as with all rumors, don’t bank on them until you hear them directly from the toy manufacturer – and in some cases, you’ll want to wait until you find them on the shelves yourself.

15 thoughts on “Is DC Universe Classics Wave 17 the “Rainbow Lantern” Wave?”

  1. It seems as though we’re seeing DC Universe Classics as a repeat of the same figures that came out in the DC Direct line. I mean, there have been 2 versions of Black Hand, and now DCUC will be getting a version of him in one of the Green Lantern waves. So, is the Collect-And-Connect figure going to be Nekron? Let’s face it, who’s going to buy the DC Direct version of the rainbow Lanterns, if they know the DC Universe Classics version will be coming out shortly after? Most of us would rather buy the DCUC version, since they have added articulation and better sculpts.

  2. I’d rather the wave be: Saint Walker, Larfleeze, Sinestro, Star Sapphire( Carol Ferris), Indigo 1, and Green Lantern Jade (or any GL that’s not Hal Jordan or one they have already made) with the Collect-and-Connect figure being Atrocitus.

    @wally2974 you forgot to mention that DCUC are cheaper than DC Direct! sometimes…. 😛

  3. I hope that those figures are for the Green Lantern Classics series 2 assortment. It would be a shame to waste the spots from DCUC wave 17 on them when we still have JSA, Doom Patrol, New Gods, Super Powers and Meta Men teams to finish.

    Smart move by Mattel to have a major want C&C Anti-Monitor lumped in with a weak assortment of characters that not everyone would want.

  4. i think that the reason mera is not in it is so they can make a regular one later on and have a red lantern varient. and i know there’s alot of people upset with this line but im COMPLETELY for it!!

  5. @wally2974 I would say that DCUC has the better articulation but as far as better sculpts goes, I like DC Direct better. Now their are times when the DCUC does has the better sculpts but most of the time DC Direct is just better, especially now. It seems as though DC Direct is in a zone right now when it comes to sculpts.

  6. Why are they wasting a wave on the ‘rainbow’ lanterns? Most of these figures are already included in the Blackest Night series figures.
    If they are going to make a Green Lantern wave for DC Classics, since they have already included GL’s in previous waves, and also just released the GL 5 pack, why not a wave of Hal Jordan in all the different colors, with a White Lantern Sinestro, and a C&C Anti Monitor, or a C&C giant GL Power Battery or something?

  7. I am not too bothered by the line up but would prefer Hal Jordan be the blue/green lantern which made a pretty good looking suit OR not Hal Jordan.

  8. Can anyone tell me what’s the deal with DCU wave 14? Can’t find none of the figures heard it was to be a walmart exclusive. But that was it.

  9. yes, DCUC 14 is a Walmart exclusive – there have been some credible sightings in Florida – our own Buzzy Fret will be benefiting from that. and we’ll have a couple of reviews of 2 wave 14 figures (Hourman and Zatanna) coming up soon, but these were figures that our good friends at Mattel sent our way.

    good luck with the hunt!

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