Return Of Marvel Legends Terrax Wave – Steve Rogers Super Soldier

True Believers, Marvel Zombies and No Prize winners rejoice; Marvel Legends has returned!

Both ROML Terrax Wave and Arnim Zola Wave are hitting stores and online dealers now and the toy collecting F.O.O.M.* are in a feeding frenzy. I was lucky enough to be at my local Target on a morning when a fresh case had been put on the pegs and couldn’t resist picking up Steve Rogers, Extremis Iron Man and Thor. Later in the day, I went back for Ghost Rider, but he was gone. In a fit of anger and remorse, I scooped up Constrictor and Hope. Klaw was nowhere to be seen.

And now, without further ado, here’s the skinny on ROML Terrax Wave Figure #1, the ML with the longest title; Commander Steve Rogers – Super Soldier!

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Toy Fair 2012 – Hasbro Marvel Universe Report

Marvel Universe (1280x720).jpg

Hasbro’s Dave Vonner presented his baby – the Marvel Universe line – at Hasbro’s Fan Media Day yesterday. Marvel Universe is still going strong in Hasbro’s bread and butter 4-inch scale, and we’ll see a pretty wide assortment of figures in single packs, comic theme packs, and more 2-packs for 2012.

Vonner also revealed the figure that he promised would blow us away. No, it wasn’t Blow Hard!

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Toy Fair 2012 – Hasbro Marvel Legends Report

Hasbro Marvel Legends (1280x719).jpg

I can’t tell you how good it feels to be writing about Marvel Legends again at Toy Fair. Sure, the Marvel team got the clean-up spot in the schedule of yesterday’s presentations at Hasbro’s Media Fan Day, and Legends got the last spot in the Marvel presentation, but the showroom was a sea of the unwashed masses for most of the afternoon – it’s good to be back!

Dave Vonner got the nod for presenting both Legends and Universe (I’ll cover Marvel Universe separately), and while he didn’t get to reveal a whole lot for Legends, we got to see the progression for some of the Series 3 figures, as well as a reveal for 2012 – the Squadron Supreme’s Hyperion. Hyperion was shown as a rendering of a digital sculpt (I’ll guess Gentle Giant) and as such wasn’t available in the showroom. What we did see in there was both Series 1 (see Sandman’s review of Extremis Iron Man) and 2 packaged samples, as well as painted prototypes of Blade and U.S. Agent.

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Toy Fair 2012 – Hasbro Transforming From Toys to Entertainment

Hasbro video billboard advertising in New York City's Times Square

Hasbro held its Fan Media Day yesterday afternoon, inviting over one hundred folks from the various online blogs, fan sites, news, and communities that are fans of their collector-oriented brands – GI JOE, Star Wars, Transformers, and Marvel. I’ll be posting pictures from their Toy Fair showroom later this morning and over the course of the next few days, but wanted to touch upon the central theme from the event’s presentations – Hasbro is becoming an entertainment company, and the toys follow the entertainment.

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CC30: Marvel Legends – The Streets of New York by Jakey-Jake

I live in a relatively small town in Michigan, and at this point in my life, I can honestly say that I do not have a strong desire to visit New York City. Some might say, “New York is the greatest city on earth, why wouldn’t you want to go?” It’s not because of the hustle and bustle, the crowds, the crime or the sheer size. It would be because of the disappointment. New York, like it or not, is the crux of the Marvel Universe. While I know that comics are not real, if I were to ever visit New York, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from turning my eyes to the sky to possibly catch a glimpse of Spidy web slinging between buildings or Iron Man testing a new armor. Now, I know how ridiculous this sounds, but the New York City in my mind has all these things. Spiderman, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four all get enough attention, so this wave is dedicated to the amazing individuals (good or bad) that you might just happen across while taking a stroll through… The Streets of New York.

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