SDCC 2015: Four Horsemen Mythic Legions (with AFP Video Fly-By)

SDCC 2015 Four Horsemen Mythic Legions (1 of 15)

One of my favorite stops at San Diego Comic-Con is the with the Four Horsemen, the folks behind the scenes on some of our favorite toy lines like Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics and now Thundercats. I spoke with Eric Treadaway about their own line of toys, Mythic Legions, which launched on Kickstarter as the most-funded action figure project of all time, surpassing the previous reigning champs, Boss Fight Studios’ Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. and their previous Kickstarter for the Gothitropolis Ravens.

We also got to touch on their continuing work with Mattel, on the DC Comics Multiverse and Batman v Superman 6-inch lines. And of course, Thundercats!

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SDCC 2015: DC Comics – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Costumes

SDCC 2015 DC Comics Batman v Superman Costumes

The DC Comics booth at SDCC is dominated by a gallery of their live action costumes. I took some pictures of the Batman v Superman costumes. Previously, we had seen lots of the “regular” Batman suit with Superman and Wonder Woman. This was the first time seeing the armored Batman from his confrontation with Supes.

So far, all the BvS collectibles we’ve come across are based on these four suits – no Aquaman or any of the other characters rumored for the Dawn of Justice movie. Warner Bros. has been keeping a very tight lid on how information is being disseminated for the movie.

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SDCC 2015: LEGO Exclusives and Announcements Weekly Digest

SDCC 2015 LEGO exclusives weekly digest 3

Here’s the final group of announcements from LEGO for San Diego Comic-Con. It includes new product line announcements for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Angry Birds, and another highlight that will be on display at their booth at SDCC (Hall D, booth #2829).

And, in case you missed them, here’s the previous digest and the first one from the week before that. Cheers!

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SDCC 2015 (and WebSwipe): Mattel Batman v Superman Exclusives – USA Today

SDCC 2015 Mattel Batman vs Superman 2-pack and Wonder Woman Barbie

Back when Mattel announced their Mattycollector exclusives for SDCC, many of us were surprised that they didn’t have any DC-related exclusives to show us. Surely, with Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice being promoted heavily, they wouldn’t miss out on that. Surely not. USA Today had the exclusive reveal today of Mattel’s BvS offerings for Comic-Con and beyond. For sale at the show, they’ll have a 2-pack of Batman vs Superman (natch!) in 6-inch scale and a Hot Wheels Batmobile, both from the upcoming movie. At $30, the 2-pack is well-priced for two 6-inchers, but I wonder if it’s indicative of what we’ll see for DC products from Mattel after the Four Horsemen era.

And for display, they’ll have a Wonder Woman Barbie based on Gal Gadot’s character from BvS, and a life-sized Hot Wheels Twin Mill car with graphics inspired from the movie. The Barbie and diecast toy version of the BvS Twin Mill will be available next spring as part of two new BvS product lines. I’ll admit, I do wonder what the Barbie versions of Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck will look like.

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Warner Bros. Reveals Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batmobile and Big Three Costumes

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Batmobile and Costumes

We’d previously seen glimpses of the Dawn of Justice Batmobile and costumes for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman when the LA Clippers’ DeAndre Johnson visited the Batman Exhibit at the Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour Hollywood. Now we’re getting a closer look as Warner Bros. begins its hype-building machine at the Licensing Expo this week in Las Vegas.

They’ve sent us some nice high res shots of the Batmobile, including its interior, as well as the costumes – I imagine they’ll look brighter and more vibrant in these pics than they will in the final movie, due out March next year, if WB uses the same color processing they did for Man of Steel. I’m guessing we’ll be seeing the Batmobile and these costumes again next month, at San Diego Comic-Con. If so, we’ll get more pics then. Stay tuned!

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