Toy Fair 2016: Four Horsemen Mythic Legions – Pre-Order Opens Today

Toy Fair 2016 - Four Horsemen Mythic Legions (1 of 7)

Seeing the Four Horsemen is one of my favorite stops at Toy Fair. It’s always been great to talk about their work with Mattel on DC, Masters of the Universe Classics, and now Thundercats, but it’s a special treat when they’ve got their own brands to show off. Their Toy Fair booth was predominantly about their Kickstarter Mythic Legions line, which after some delays is approaching the finish line. Most of what was on display were actual factory production figures.

And they’ve revealed that there’s more to come!

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Four Horsemen Mythic Legions Test Shots Quick Pics

Four Horsemen Mythic Legions Kickstarter Test Shots (1 of 27)

Sandman was lucky enough to pick up a couple of the test shots from the Four Horsemen’s Mythic Legions Kickstarter. He says, “They are soo goood man – so glad I backed it! The gray tests have some charm.” – an understatement if I ever heard one.

He sent me a bunch of pics showing off the test shots, their poseability, and how parts can be mixed and matched. The set wouldn’t be complete without some action shots.

All the previous Mythic Legions test shots are sold out at, but the 4H announced that the test shot for Sir Valgard will be added at Noon PST today.

Grab him while he’s still available! – Ron

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SDCC 2015: Four Horsemen Mythic Legions (with AFP Video Fly-By)

SDCC 2015 Four Horsemen Mythic Legions (1 of 15)

One of my favorite stops at San Diego Comic-Con is the with the Four Horsemen, the folks behind the scenes on some of our favorite toy lines like Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics and now Thundercats. I spoke with Eric Treadaway about their own line of toys, Mythic Legions, which launched on Kickstarter as the most-funded action figure project of all time, surpassing the previous reigning champs, Boss Fight Studios’ Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. and their previous Kickstarter for the Gothitropolis Ravens.

We also got to touch on their continuing work with Mattel, on the DC Comics Multiverse and Batman v Superman 6-inch lines. And of course, Thundercats!

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SDCC 2015 (and Kickstarter Monday): Accessories for Four Horsemen and AFX Raven Exclusives

SDCC 2015 Four Horsemen AFX exclusive Ravens

The Four Horsemen had previously announced they would be releasing a pair of their Kickstarter Gothitropolis Ravens variants with Action Figure Xpress at San Diego Comic-Con. With this update, they shared the good news that the exclusives would also come with accessories. AFX’s exclusive, the translucent Decimus Hrabban, will include a similarly decoed battle pack. Like the add-on for the Kickstarter project, the battle pack includes an alternate screaming head, a helmet that fits both, and a saber. The Four Horsemen’s exclusive, the Golden Eagle variant, will sport the colors of the US Navy and come with the American flag cape accessory included with the Kickstarter Golden Eagle.

Both are priced at $35 and will be available at the AFX booth (#3345) at SDCC starting on Preview Night. Happy Con!

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Off Topic: Carry Your Action Figures and More in Style in these Kickstarter Bags

Get both form and function with the Mochibags Drawstring Backpack and the Kendal & Hyde Classic Leather Satchel

Kickstarter Mochibags and Kendal and Hyde Satchel

I am on the go a lot these days – almost as much as during my earlier days as a salesman and then as a consultant. Sure, instead of customer calls or client meetings, now I’m going to SDCC, Toy Fair, or other conventions, making the occasional real-world toy runs, and visiting family and friends all over the place. But whether it’s a day trip or much longer, what hasn’t changed is the need to take stuff with me – computer and camera gear, clothes, and the occasional action figure.

Because of all this, what I use to carry my stuff is nearly as important as the stuff itself. I want it to be easy to use and to protect the stuff inside. And, it doesn’t hurt if it looks good in the process.

It just so happens that the Drawstring Backpack by Mochibags and the Classic Leather Satchel by Kendal & Hyde fit the bill in those regards. I’ve backed both projects on Kickstarter. They’ve both exceeded their funding objectives. And coincidentally, both projects funding periods end this Friday evening – so you have to act fast if you want to back them.

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