Q&A with Nate Baertsch, Designer of the Icon Heroes Castle Grayskull

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You may know him as Baena at many of the toy and collectible forums, but Nate Baertsch is also an accomplished illustrator, and happens to be one of the designers behind the Icon Heroes Castle Grayskull Polystone Environment. Nate recently got one of the Icon Heroes Castles off the production line, shared these pictures, and kindly answered some of our questions.

AFP: How did you get involved with Icon Heroes for this project?

Nate: Dumb luck! Okay, that’s not entirely true. I’ve had a good working relationship with the Four Horsemen since somewhere around 2007? I started out doing packaging art for their Seventh Kingdom line. Ramathorr was the first painting I did for them, and to this day still one of my favorites.  Over time my work with them has increased from packaging artwork for their figures, to occasional design sketches and concepts for figures for the variety of lines that they work on. Over time, and meeting up with them when I could at conventions, we’ve established a good working relationship and friendship, as we all love all things MotU and general super fantastical spacey geeky goodness. A lot of “geeking out” about MotU lore, Seventh Kingdom, their other properties, Outer Space Men and now Power Lords!

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Thundercats Ho! Minimates Box Set and Deals at Action Figure Xpress

Today we’ve got two updates from Diamond Select Toys via the Art Asylum site. First up, we’ve got a new Thundercats Minimates box set arriving this Fall. And if you need a fix for Thundercats now, I also came across some deals at ActionFigureXpress.

Thundercats Ho! - Box Set

Featuring “new” ThunderCats Bengali, Lynx-O, Pumyra and Ratar-O, as well as a non-poseable minifigure of the Berbil named Ro-Bear Bert, this box set is available to all comic shops and specialty store retailers through Diamond Comic Distributors’ Previews catalog. Now available for pre-order, the set will ship in the fall.

The three new ThunderCats in this set – blacksmith Bengali, healer Pumyra and wise, sightless Lynx-O – were introduced in the five-part 1985 movie ThunderCats Ho! as three Thunderans who came to Third Earth in the wake of Thundera’s destruction. Ro-Bear Bert was on of the two Berbils who saved the trio from the doomed planet, and Ratar-O was the Mutant commander who sought to capture them for the evil Mumm-Ra.

via New ThunderCats Get New Minimates in the Thundercats Ho! Box Set! | Art Asylum Blog.

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Here’s the Castle Grayskull You Wish You Could Buy


When Jaime Einloft posted his Castle Grayskull custom on the Fwoosh, I felt more than a twinge of jealousy. Sure, I still have a pre-order in for Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics version (for now, at least), but this massive display piece is everything I could have hoped for from the source of Eternia’s power. Too bad it’s one of a kind.

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NYCC 2012: Icon Heroes Castle Grayskull

I stopped by the AFX booth (picked up some ThunderCats Minimates for a friend and a Skeletor Power Sword for myself) and snapped some shots of the Icon Heroes Castle Grayskull. It’s beautiful in person – I can definitely see this in my collection. You can pre-order at the usual suspects:

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Masters of the Universe Fans, Castle Grayskull Can Finally Be Yours… in Statue Form

In just a few months, you’ll have your chance to achieve what Skeletor never could – Castle Grayskull will be yours! At nearly 10 inches tall, this won’t be a playset for your Masters figures, but on the flip side, this collectible statue will feature the portions of the castle you’ve probably never seen before.

You will be able to pre-order for about $125 from the usual suspects, including Action Figure Xpress, Amazon.com, BBCW Distributors, Big Bad Toy Store, Entertainment Earth, and your local comic book shops.

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