Action Figure Displays! The Name Says It All

Metallo brings Superman to his knees on AFD's Destroyed City Display

Do you ever get tired of shooting photos of your figures against blank backgrounds? Want to spruce up your display shelves but don’t have the time to build a fancy diorama or even have the space for one? Well Action Figure Displays! by JDPDesigns may have the answer to this dilemma.

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How to Age a Photo Using Photoshop

Monkey Assassin Clan - Original and Final.jpg

My wife happens to be a collector too – and while I tend to go for mass-produced action figures from the big toy companies, she is a lot more discriminating. For example, take her collection of Monkey Assassins, from Wunderland War. These urban vinyl figures are produced in very limited runs, usually below 100 or 200 figures total.

The picture I took reminded me very much of those old family photo from days gone by. You seldom see them these days, and certainly not of a secretive clan of monkey assassins. However, it felt that a group shot of a secretive clan of monkey assassins might have not been so out of place 50+ years ago. So I thought to myself, could I transform the picture to make it look like something out of the 50’s. Here’s how I did it.

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World War Robot and World War 2 – Photo Manipulation

Ok, so we here at AFP seem a little obsessed lately with Ashley Wood’s World War Robot from threeA Toys. Can you blame us? And in this obsession, some of us find that simply displaying or playing with our toys is not enough. We need them to come to life. That is where Photoshop comes in…

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DC Universe Classics Glow In The Dark Action + Dynamic Lighting = Drama!

So here we are, stuck in what seems like an abnormally long (especially considering how close together DCUC 10, 11 and 12 shipped)┬álull between DCUC Waves. Oh how the minutes tick so lowly by… In an attempt to kill some time, I thought I’d take a whack at photographing the 2 DC Universe Classics Glow in the Dark ghosties, the Spectre and Deadman, to try to show off their unique properties. I didn’t really catch the GitD effect, but I did (with a little help from PhotoShop) end up with some very dramatically lit pics.

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How To Create Your Own Photo Backdrop

Photo Backdrop - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1198x1200).jpg

I was chatting with some of the guys about taking pictures of action figures – a hobby near and dear to my heart, in case you hadn’t noticed. We got onto the subject of backgrounds. I’ve used plain dark backgrounds for dramatic lighting and plain light backgrounds to highlight the figures. And there’s guys like Sandman, who build elaborate sets for his photo shoots – see Sandman’s recent pictorial reviews for some mind-blowing shots.

There’s another type of background – the photo backdrop. A simple photo backdrop can provide the effect of a three-dimensional environment without having to build one. That’s the subject of this how-to article.

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