CC36: Vintage Kenner Star Wars by Iron-Cow Productions


Iron-Cow Prod. is pleased to showcase its new additions to the Vintage Kenner Star Wars action figure line! These figures are meant to fill in some gaps, expand the line a bit, and generally have some fun revisiting childhood nostalgia. When possible, I left any paint scrapes on the original figures intact for any intentional visual aging effect.

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Border Patrol: Masters of the Universe Classics Despara, Hordak, and Le-O

For this week, here’s a trio of Masters of the Universe-related customs:

MOTUC Despara 1 MOTUC Despara 2 MOTUC Despara 3

Masters of the Universe Classics Despara by Hunter Knight Customs – I haven’t been reading the new He-Man comic book (should I?) so I can’t speak to how this custom matches up to She-Ra’s misguided Despara character, but I find it pretty cool nonetheless – ends Oct 13, 2013 18:55:31 PDT

In AFP’s Border Patrol, we scour active eBay auctions for customized action figures that you won’t want to let slip by!

Customizers, don’t forget to check out the submission guidelines for CustomCon 36.

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NECA Reveals Predators Series 10 – the Kenner Series

NECA Predators Series 10 01

I love it that the toy companies are stepping up their game with their product photography. Case in point, NECA has gone hunting with their pics of Predators Series 10. This set of three figures, the Nightstorm, Hive Wars, and Lava Planet Predators, are based on the vintage Kenner figures from long ago in the mid-nineties. They look great!

Predators Series 10 should hit toy shelves in the next couple of weeks.

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STGCC 2013: Interview with Nathan Hamill by Jedd

Nathan Hamill with Jedd

Here’s a wrap-up of Jedd’s STGCC coverage with an interview with Nathan Hamill, artist and toy designer, who coincidentally is one of Mark Hamill’s kids. He talks with Jedd about toys, art, comics, and, yes, a little bit about Star Wars.

Jedd: Welcome to Singapore!

Nathan: Thank you!

Are you having a good time so far?

Excellent. First time here and it’s stunning, it’s incredible. The weather was perfect yesterday; it’s great so far.

I had a look at your Twitter feed, really cool stuff. Beneath your handle, it says “I makes what I likes.” What do you think has been the most rewarding thing of living by that maxim?

Yeah, “I makes what I likes” is just… first of all, I think it’s funny because it’s using improper English, which makes me laugh. Like “I makes what I likes,” yeah… I try to keep it as simple as that. So yeah, my motto, “I makes what I likes,” at the end of the day it should come down to whether or not it’s something that you enjoy, not to be too convoluted about what your themes and what your concepts are. Yeah, that stuff is good and fine but I guess I’m trying to… you know, take things less seriously.

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Watch Princess Adora’s New Internet Song – Stop Motion Video with Song from Avenue Q

Princess Adora's New Internet Song

Rafi Sen sent video this to us on Facebook and I thought it was a perfect way to continue our holiday weekend. Check it out as Masters of the Universe Grizzlor and friends as they educate Adora on the Power of Grayskull the Internet. (Hint: it’s porn.)

The song is from a very funny Broadway musical called Avenue Q that features puppets, in the vein of Sesame Street, but the situations they deal with are a little more adult. I saw it a few years ago and really enjoyed it – this is all still kid-friendly, though some parental guidance may be suggested.

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