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X-Force – Help Wanted!

When the Merc with a Mouth answers a “Help Wanted” ad on the dark web, he suddenly finds himself neck deep in trouble… as usual! Now he must swallow his pride and enlist the aid of Wolverine, Cable and the rest of X-Force, to stop a plot for world domination by a group of evil mutants.

But not to worry true believers – with Deadpool leading the charge, what could possibly go wrong?

Be sure to check out the rest of Bill’s work here at AFP and at Bill’s Comics. Also, thanks to Extreme-Sets for providing review samples of a wide variety of their diorama sets.

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Toy Fair 2018: Hasbro Marvel Legends Report

Finally, here’s our Marvel Legends Report for NYTF 2018 – all the reveals, booth pics, official PR pics, and teases – all in one spot. While Hasbro shared much of what’s to come throughout 2018, they still held back enough to keep us in suspense. Of all the waves covered in their Entertainment Brand Preview, all but one or two still have figures to reveal.

We’ll cover them in the order they were discussed and include the pics we shot in the booth and the official PR shots Hasbro shared with us. Read on!

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Hasbro Teases Marvel Legends Venom Wave

Hot on the heels of their Marvel Legends Deadpool wave 2 tease, Hasbro has teased a product line in support of another Marvel movie: Venom. The reveal includes comic-inspired Titan Hero 12-Inch figures, Marvel Legends 6-inch figures, and a Venom and Carnage 2-pack of basic 6-inch figures. All of these items will be available at most major retailers and on HasbroToyShop.com in the Fall.

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Hasbro Teases Marvel Legends Deadpool Wave 2

In anticipation of Fox’s sequel to their 2016 hit, Deadpool, Hasbro has teased a second wave of a Deadpool-themed Marvel Legends wave. Included in the wave, due out in Fall this year, are Deadpool in one of his X-Men costumes, fan-favorite villain Omega Red, and Lady Deadpool. Also on their way are a basic Titan Hero 12-inch Deadpool and role-playing mask and katanas.

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Review: Extreme Sets Multiverse Collection Series 4 Building 2

Extreme Sets provided a sample of their Building 2 pop-up for this review. Thanks guys!

For more, check out my reviews of the Animated Port pop-up and the Extreme Sets Multiverse Collection Series 2.

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