Weekend Toy Run: Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Wave Available via Amazon.com

Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Wave at Amazon

Amazon has had the Marvel Legends Hulkbuster wave listed for some time, but they were from more expensive third-party sellers. Our good friend Paul gave us the heads up that Amazon has jumped into the game, so you can now pre-order the wave (with War Machine, Blizzard, Vision, Valkyrie, Dr. Strange, Thundra, and the Marvel Now! Iron Man) directly from them for the standard retail price of $21.99 each. It’s not a long wait since Amazon says they’ll ship within the next 2 weeks.

You can find most of them by searching for Marvel Legends Hulkbuster on Amazon. For some reason, the Marvel Legends Vision is also available but doesn’t show up on that search. And the Marvel Legends War Machine is still only third-party seller listings (and more expensive). Since he’s two per case, I am sure you can hold off for now – Amazon will have a bunch that you can pick up later, if needed.

Pre-Order the Amazon Exclusive Marvel Legends Avengers 4-Pack

Amazon Exclusive Marvel Legends Avengers 4-Pack - packaged

Finally! We’ve spotted the listing for the Amazon-exclusive Marvel Legends Avengers: Age of Ultron 4-pack. Amazon’s first Legends exclusive includes Marvel Cinematic Universe versions of Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and for the first time in the line, a Mark Ruffalo Bruce Banner in his civvies. Hasbro first announced the 4-pack at Toy Fair, and we saw the figures for the first time with a whole mess of Marvel Legends at San Diego Comic-Con.

For those keeping track, here’s your Marvel Legends retailer exclusives checklist:

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SDCC 2015: Hasbro Marvel Legends – Preview Night

SDCC 2015 - Hasbro Marvel Legends - Preview Night (1 of 18)

It’s Preview Night at San Diego Comic-Con, and one of my first stops was the Hasbro booth to check in on Marvel Legends. Hasbro has spent a little to upgrade the display cases throughout its booth, with clear glass cases and spotlights that provide dramatic backlighting that is bright enough to allow for clear pictures. This comes at the trade-off of less display space. What the Marvel team put out on Preview Night was mostly what we had seen and heard about at Toy Fair. But there were a few figures that we saw in person for the first time, and a couple of ones that snuck out that were surprises.

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Pre-Order the Marvel Legends Ultron / Ant-Man Wave at Amazon

Build Ultron Prime, get Ant-Man, and complete the Wrecking Crew!

Marvel Legends Ultron (Ant-Man) wave

For a single wave of Marvel Legends, it sure has a lot going on. Known officially as the Ultron wave, it’s tied into the blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron movie with Ultron Prime as the Build-a-Figure. Unofficially, it’s also being called the Ant-Man wave – it’s got Scott Lang in the movie Ant-Man costume and Janet Van Dyne and Hank Pym in their comic-based Wasp and Giant Man costumes respectively. And last but not least, it includes two of the figures that were “lost” when Hasbro revamped the distribution model and shelved the running change variants – one of those is Bulldozer, who finally completes the Wrecking Crew.

You can pre-order all six of the Marvel Legends Ultron / Ant-Man figures at Amazon. If you want to cherry-pick:

Happy shopping!

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I Am Your Fodder: Marvel Legends Edition

Marvel Legends Constrictor, Madame Masque, and Bucky Captain America on sale

I Am Your Fodder - Marvel Legends Constrictor, Madame Masque, and Bucky Captain America

I think most people would admit that Hasbro has hit its groove with Marvel Legends in terms of character selection and execution, but that still doesn’t mean they’re getting to all your favorites from the Marvel universe. Luckily, Amazon has a variety of Marvel Legends on sale that cover the basic body types for your customizing pleasure.

  • Marvel Universe Constrictor Figure 6 Inches – $7.90 – Hasbro said they would be retiring this body after its use on Iron Fist. I think the base figure has been unfairly maligned lately. While I think the newer hip style is better, and the thighs have seen better days, remember that this body was derived from the old Toy Biz Bullseye.
  • Marvel Universe Marvels Madames Action Figure Madame Masque, 6 Inches – $9.99 – This body saw a lot of use starting with the SHIELD Agent 2-packs. It’s not as curvy as the newer body used recently on Ms. Marvel, but there’s still a lot of characters that could benefit from the slimmer build.
  • Marvel Universe Captain America Figure 6 Inches – $11.80 – This is a go-to body for Hasbro now, and deservedly so. Bucky Cap is a great option for fodder if you don’t mind dealing with boot and glove cuffs. Machine Man at $17 is a completely blank base body, if you don’t mind spending a little more.

I Am Your Fodder highlights action figures that are cheap and would make interesting customizing fodder.

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