AFP Ask Matty Round-Up for 4/30/10

We had a few questions after the Attack of the Show! reveals that Toy Guru and the folks at Mattel have answered. Thanks guys!

1. Great reveals on Attack of the Show! Some questions of the “grand daddy” of items, the DC Infinite Heroes Starro exclusive – does the large Starro feature any articulation or is it flexible at all? Now that you’re giving us Starro for the DCIH line, how does that affect our chances for getting an even bigger Starro in the DC Universe Classics line, as a Collect and Connect, for example?


DCIH Starro 2.jpgDCIH Starro 3.jpgDCIH Starro 4.jpgDCIH Starro.jpg

Starro is made of rubber-like material and has metal rods similar to Clayface. While this Starro does not take the place of a possible Collect and Connect, we did purposely make him so he would work with any number of DC lines. That doesn’t mean we would not revisit him again one day in the 6-inch line!

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Mattel San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives – Official Details and Pics


Mattel has released the official descriptions and pictures of their San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives that they announced on Attack of the Show (part 1 | part 2). They promised more reveals, and they came through with previously unannounced exclusives for Cars and Justice League Polly Pockets.

I’m psyched about face-hugger Starros for my DC Universe Classics Justice League, but is it weird that I’m excited about the dentist’s chair that comes with Mo-Larr? 🙂

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Mattel Ghostbusters, Toy Story, WWE, and Avatar Exclusives Announced on Attack of the Show

Attack of the Show aired part two of Blair Butler’s visit with Mattel’s Toy Guru, aka Scott Neitlich, where they covered the remaining exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con. We had guessed at some of these looking at snapshots of the video clips from the first reveal, but we hadn’t seen the Toy Story exclusive before tonight. Without further ado, here’s what was shown:

  • The Real Ghostbusters Retro-Action Heroes Peter Venkman – Mattel kicks off an extension to the Ghostbusters license with Mego-styled figures from the popular animated series. For SDCC, Venkman comes in his movie colors, as the Real Ghostbusters appeared in the episode, “Citizen Ghost.”
  • Toy Story 3 Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear – this new Toy Story character, voiced by Ned Beatty in the upcoming third movie in the Toy Story series, will only be available as an SDCC and exclusive. The movie opens June 18, so Lots-O should have lots of companions on shelves waiting for him to join. He’ll apparently come with a shortcake scent.
  • WWE Wrestlemania XV Undertaker – this exclusive looks like an Entrance Great, with the Undertaker appearing in his Ministry of Darkness costume from Wrestlemania XV when he faced the Big Boss Man in the “Hell in a Cell” cage match. If it’s an Entrance Great, it will come with a base and sound chip that plays his entrance music. This version of the Undertaker will only be available as an SDCC and exclusive.
  • Avatar “Final Battle” Jake Sully vs. Colonel Quaritch – Jake gets a new head, the AMP gets some battle-damage, and they all get new accessories. A full diorama in package will make you think twice about opening it.

Toy Guru promises even more reveals, so check back again tomorrow.

Hot Toys Poll – Which Avatar Character Do You Want as a Movie Masterpiece

Hot Toys is running a poll on its blog asking you to pick which Avatar character you would like to see as a Movie Masterpiece. They’ve got four choices – Jake Sully (Avatar), Neytiri, Colonel Miles Quaritch, and Dr. Grace Augustine, plus the chance to write in a vote if your pick isn’t there.

As you might imagine, Jake Sully is running away with it. When they make him, I wonder if they’ll make him in scale – that’d be a 20-inch tall Movie Masterpiece! I can easily see them making Jake and Neytiri – do you think they’d ever get to an avatar version of Sigourney Weaver?

AFP Ask Matty Round-Up for 1/29/10

The guys are back with what might be the last Mattel Q&A before Toy Fair.  Thanks to Toy Guru and Manic Mike!

1. We’ve heard of a lot of collectors getting the DC Universe Classics wave 11 Deadman variant in their shipments from online retailers, including (who had said that was the only figure not included in their sets). Were the production ratios off?

DCUC 11 Deadman 001.jpgDCUC 11 Deadman 004b.jpgDCUC 11 Deadman 006.jpgDCUC 11 Deadman 014.jpgDCUC 11 Deadman 022.jpg

This was an error in fans’ favor. Going forward the chase version in each wave will be only at retail and not in the sets.

[Editor’s note – for more pictures, check out Buzzy Fret’s DC Universe Classics 11 review – part 1 | part 2]

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