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I’ve heard a couple times from a few collector friends that the toys from James Cameron’s Avatar started moving considerably faster after the movie hit.  I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true – the movie is so stunning visually, I can see that translating into more demand for the figures. is running an Avatar promotion, and that should help move more product.  Most figures are 25% off, but the big vehicles and animals, which work for pretty much all the 3.75-inch scaled figure lines, are discounted more.

Happy hunting!

Mattel Avatar 3.75-Inch Line

James Cameron’s Avatar is opening today, and JonWesley has shared some great pics of his 3.75-inch Avatar collection from Mattel. I’m not collecting these, but think they’re a pretty good effort from Mattel, particularly in the vehicle department.

Let me know how you like the movie!

ampsuit.jpgaugustine_chacon-teamup.jpgAvatar Toy Collection.jpgavatar2.jpgavatarsig.jpgCPLwainfleet-grinder-artic.jpgCPLwainfleet-with-grinder.jpgdirehorse2.jpgfikeongrinder.jpgquaritch-spellman-sully.jpgquartichAMP.jpgthanatorvsampsuit2.jpg

For many more pictures, please visit the James Cameron’s Avatar Merchandise, Promotion & Toys group pool.

These and other Avatar collectibles can be purchased at and

Mattel Avatar, WWE, and Masters of the Universe Classics on Attack of the Show

Avatar Interactive Battle Pack
Avatar Interactive Battle Pack

Some of Mattel’s collector lines were featured on Attack of the Show earlier tonight in a “Gifts for Geeks” segment.

Featured were:

All this goodness was matched up with Lamp in a Box, making for some odd segues.

Fun stuff!

Holiday Geek Gift Ideas

We’ve got 2 weeks left until Christmas, which means it’s time for Alison Haislip to show us the perfect gadgetry for the holiday geek, like a Lamp in a Box, WWE action figures, the Avatar Interactive Battle Pack and more. Forget everyone else, we might pick up some of this cool stuff for ourselves.

via Holiday Geek Gift Ideas –

AFP Ask Matty Round-Up for 12/1/9

We missed a Q&A round but are back with more Matty Questions and Answers – well, at least the answers they were able to give.  A couple this round probed a little too deeply.

1. Nice pictures of Battle Armor He-Man – he was one of my faves as a kid. Will he be the first to have a personalized white mailer box? When will I get to see one of those mailer boxes with Jitsu printed on it? 😀

Masters of the Universe Classics Battle Armor He-Man.jpgMasters of the Universe Classics Battle Armor He-Man - card.jpgMasters of the Universe Classics Battle Armor He-Man - cardback.jpgMasters of the Universe Classics Battle Armor He-Man - outer box.jpgMOTUC - Battle Armor He-Man (765x1024).jpg

Yes, Battle Armor He-Man will be the first with his name on the white box. Jitsu will also have his name on the box, but we have yet to announce when he will be available. (nice try!)

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Mattel Collector Lines General Update

DC Universe Classics Wave 11 - Steppenwolf - comic (1200x1200).jpgDC Universe Classics Wave 11 - Steppenwolf - Super Powers (1200x1200).jpgDC Universe Classics Wave 11 - Deadman (1198x1200).jpgMOTUC - Mossman (764x1024).jpgMOTUC - Battle Cat 3 (1024x769).jpg

Mattel posted a general update for its collector lines.  It’s quite long, so I’ll summarize it here.

  • DC Universe Classics wave 11 will be sold on in master cases of 8 (both Steppenwolves, regular Deadman), but may not be until after the holidays
  • 12-inch General Zod and 8-inch Green Arrow are coming on December 15
  • New JLU 3-packs should be hitting Target in force before the holidays
  • Select Avatar figures on MattyCollector starting December 1
  • WWE is coming January 1 (yes, we know!)
  • Masters of the Universe Classics Moss Man sample will be posted as soon as the “fur” color is right (I thought it was moss :-))
  • Mattel is working on Battle Cat packaging – currently his mask is falling off in package (a box with blister back)
  • Evil Lyn will be the April 2010 figure, and will be featured in Toy Fare #150, the 2010 preview issue
  • More Ghostbusters are planned, but it might not be until San Diego Comic-Con 2010 until we get all the news


Also, don’t forget – it’s sale day on on Monday at Noon Eastern.  I’ll be picking up a Masters of the Universe Scareglow via my subscription, and will probably pick up a couple DC Universe Classics Color of Fear 2-packs separately.

He-Man re-releaseMasters of the Universe Classics ScareglowColor of Fear 2-pack

Gee, Mattel, can you and Digital River *please* work on finding a way to combine extra orders with the subscriptions?  Don’t penalize your loyal customers.

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