Spy Monkey Armory Series 1 Venom and Doppelganger Colorways

After some December teasers from Spy Monkey Creations, we finally have some in-hand samples of what they’ll be opening up 2012 with: The Spy Monkey Armory Series 1!


Over the past couple of years, Spy Monkey has been producing weapons that toy collectors can use with their 6/7″ action figures, mostly geared towards Masters of the Universe figures. We’ve reviewed a couple of them like the Sword of Ages, and the Shield of Destruction and Shield of Deliverance. For 2012, they’re adding another dimension to their products: customization!

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Spy Monkey Creations 2012 Teaser Images


A couple weeks back, Spy Monkey Creations sent us some black and white silhouette teaser images of what they have in store for 2012. It looks like you can disassemble and customize your own weapons! We’ve been told the new items will be fully interchangeable and compatible with Onell Design’s Glyos System and as well as the Four Horsemen’s Outer Space Men line.

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New York Comic Con 2011 – Marvel Minimates, Four Horsemen, and Thundercats Exclusives at ActionFigureExpress

ActionFigureExpress is one of the convention mainstays that will have a great presence at New York Comic Con, with exclusives from Marvel Minimates, the Four Horsemen, Thundercats, and more.

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Onell Design Glyos System – Real Type Wave

A varied look at the latest releases from Onell Designs’ Glyos System!

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Four Horsemen Outer Space Men Production Pics

I really like how the Four Horsemen’s website gives an insider’s look at the production process for action figures. These Outer Space Men are a lot simpler than what we saw for Scarabus at Toypocalypse, but still pretty cool.

Outer Space Men waves 3 & 4 are currently chugging along in production in hopes to have Alpha Waves of both by San Diego Comic Con 2011!

We thought we’d give you a little sneak peek into the production end of things by showing you the tooling pattern parts that we recently sent out to the factory, and hopefully we’ll have more “in production” shots to show you in the coming weeks.

First up is little Alpha 7 – the first figure in wave 4.

Our original plan was to include a cool little rocket backpack with Alpha 7 that we’d created which included removable wings, rocket pods, missiles and even rocket flames! Unfortunately, tooling dollars on this wave came in a bit higher than we’d anticipated, so some things had to be cut and some minor compromises had to be made. As it is, this little fella’s STILL 16 separate parts! Hopefully we’ll see that backpack reappear in some future incarnation of OSM. Also, see those little pegs at the ends of his arms and legs? We’re hoping to turn those into small Glyos type connectors! If this works, there’ll be LOTS more applications for those down the road both with The Outer Space Men AND with Onell Design’s Glyos figures! Keep your fingers crossed…

Next we’ve got Electron+ – the second wave 4 figure.

You’ll notice that there seems to be many parts missing from this Electron+’s tooling pattern when compared to the other figures in these two waves. That’s because all of the parts that are missing from this image are parts that are shared with characters from Waves 1 and/or 2. That means that those parts have already been tooled, and we don’t need to include those in the new tooling pattern. The two ear discs on the sides of his head will be separate and removable as seen in the image, but the two domed plugs near the top of his head had to be solidified onto the head because of tooling costs. Once Electron+ is a complete figure, he’ll have a total of 22 parts.

Going kind of backwards, here’s the first figure from wave 3 – Commander Comet.

As noted in the image, Commander Comet’s chest emblem will be a separate, removable part from the upper torso. As with Electron+, you’ve probably noticed that Commander Comet’s missing a few parts. His hands and feet are shared parts with characters from waves 1 & 2, and those parts have already been tooled. When completed, Commander Comet will have 21 parts altogether.

Last, we have the second member of wave 3 – Mystron.

You can’t see it in the image shown here, but Mystron will have a Glyos type connector hole on the back of his crotch part so his tail can be plugged in. The front, center chest disc will be a separate, removable part from the upper torso, but we had to leave the two outer chest discs attached because of tooling costs. Missing from this image are the already tooled arms, hands and lower legs which are shared with characters from waves 1 & 2. Once he’s complete, Mystron will have 22 parts total.

Let us know what you think so far. Head on over to the Outer Space Men threads at our message boards site – FANtastic Exclusive and join in on the discussion.


One-of-a-Kind Outer Space Men Set

Wow – how cool is this? The Four Horsemen have been running contests on their message boards. This unique, one-of-a-kind set of the Outer Space Men was the prize for one of them.

What the heck are these bronze looking Outer Space Men? Well they’re the prize from a little contest we had waaaaay back just before the OSM were first announce to the public.

We were revealing a lot of super close-up, blurry images and allowing our message board members on FANtastic Exclusive to try to guess what classic action figure line those images represented.

After pages of really great guesses, long time FANatic Ed Waysek (EdComics) came up with the right answer and won himself a one-of-a-kind full set of the first four Outer Space Men urethane castings with a faux bronze finish!

They’re (finally) winging their way to Ed right now via Fed-Ex and we’re sure he’ll have lots to say about them on the FANtastic Forums in the next day or two.

There was another contest a while back where message board members were asked to help us pick a name for this “new” website of ours, and we’ll be announcing the winner of that really soon as well. What will that winner get as a prize? Now that would be telling. Where’s the fun in that?

Congrats again, Ed!


Galactic Holiday Editions of the Outer Space Men on Sale Tonight

Just in time for the holidays, grab your set of the holiday Outer Space Men from the Four Horsemen!

The elves at Four Horsemen Toy Design Studios have been working hard to make sure you all have a festive holiday season. The fruits of their labor have shipped and will be arriving at Four Horsemen Studios soon!

The Outer Space Men: Galactic Holiday Edition Will be arriving at Four Horsemen Studio’s warehouse on Wednesday, December 15th and will go up for order at Store Horsemen Wednesday night at 9:00pm EST.

If you place your order before this Thursday, December 16th at 11:59pm EST, and you’re within the continental US (and the figures haven’t sold out yet), your package will ship out by Monday, December 20th via FedEx Ground (orders shipping to P.O. boxes excluded from FedEx delivery). That means that you’ve got a pretty good chance of your package being delivered in time for Christmas!

Each Galactic Holiday Edition Outer Space Men figure (Astro-Nautilus, Metamorpho, Inferno & Xodiac) comes with their own character specific, randomly packed silver or gold accessories, many of which are vac-metal plated!  As with all preceding special edition Outer Space Men releases, the GHOSM will come poly-bagged with a character specific header card and a backer card featuring all four of the currently released Outer Space Men in their own environments.

Also, all Outer Space Men figures feature a modular, interchangeable pop & play system that is compatible with Onell Design’s Glyos action figures!

The Outer Space Men: Galactic Holiday Edition figures are a special edition set, so – as with all special edition OSM sets – quantities are extremely limited.

Be sure to get to Store Horsemen tonight and order your set as early as possible to make sure that you continue to have a happy holiday season!

For all up-to-the-minute Four Horsemen updates, please friend us on Facebook (FourHorsemen ToyStudio), follow us on Twitter (@4horsemendesign), or just drop by the main Four Horsemen website daily.

Four Horsemen Reveal Outer Space Men Galactic Holiday Variants

It’ll be tight, but for those of you Outer Space Men fans out there, the Four Horsemen are hoping they can deliver these to you before Christmas. Look for pre-orders to be available on the Store Horsemen site next week.

Here’s the next batch of Outer Space Men waves 1 & 2 variants. The Outer Space Men: Galactic Holiday Edition!

We just got these images sent over to us from our factory, and they look phenomenal so far! Although each figure is missing some paint applications, you can definitely get a good idea of where these are going.

And check out those ABS accessories! That’s gold vacuum plating you’re lookin’ at there! There are going to be silver vacuum plated accessories as well!

Each figure is going to come with randomly inserted gold or silver accessories, vac-plated were possible, but painted either gold or silver in cases where vac-plating is not possible (i.e. non-ABS parts).

These inter-dimensional ornaments will probably go up for pre-order on Monday (Dec. 13 – 9:00pm EST), and the factory says that they can have them delivered to us here at the studio by December 17th! If that happens, then we can almost guarantee that we can get these shipped and into your hands by Christmas! Keep your fingers crossed…

Keep checking back here for more info!


Outer Space Men Infinity Edition Sets Shipping Soon

Good news for Four Horsemen and Outer Space Men fans – your sets should be shipping soon.

We just got confirmation that the Outer Space Men: Infinity Edition shipment has landed at the docks in New York City, has been passed through US customs safely, and will be delivered to the Four Horsemen Studios warehouse tomorrow afternoon!

As soon as we get the shipment unloaded and get the warehouse shipping area prepped we’ll begin the shipping process to get all of the figures out to those who’ve pre-ordered them.

If you haven’t ordered your full set of the Outer Space Men: Infinity Edition figures yet, then just go to Store Horsemen now and get your OSM on! All orders placed within the continental United States before December 15th at 11:59pm est, will be guaranteed to be delivered to you before Christmas!


New York Comic Con Exclusive Outer Space Men Sets Now Shipping

The Four Horsemen are shipping out the extremely limited sets of Beta Phase Outer Space Men – they only had 30 sets available. If you are still looking to get your hands on these, they’ve also included links to where you can pick them up online at Toy Tokyo and Action Figure Xpress. This will probably be the last opportunity you’ve got to pick these up.


For those 30 of you who were fortunate enough to be able to pre-order the 2010 New York Comic Con exclusive Beta Phase Outer Space Men sets, you’ll be glad to know that the wait is over, and they’re shipping out TODAY!

But, even if you weren’t fortunate enough to get in on the exclusive pre-order through Store Horsemen, our partners who sold them at New York Comic Con still have some available if you act quickly!

Toy Tokyo has their sets of Metamorpho and Xodiac available here: TOY TOKYO OSM

Action Figure Xpress has VERY limited amounts of full sets of all four Beta Phase Outer Space Men sets available here: AFX OSM

Get yours while you still can!


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