SDCC Exclusive Alpha Phase Outer Space Men Up For Pre-Order on

The Four Horsemen have put up pre-orders for the Alpha Phase versions of Outer Space Men Wave 6 / Deluxe 2 and Wave 7 / Deluxe 3 on These sets include four new characters designed by Mel Birnkrant, the original creator of the Outer Space Men. Get them now – these will sell out fast!

2013 Alpha Phase Edition Outer Space Men Wave 6 & Deluxe 2 set 2013 Alpha Phase edition Outer Space Men Wave 7 & Deluxe 3 (pre-order)

Each figure will come molded in their own clear “Alpha Phase” color, with character specific paint accents and clear colored ABS accessories. (PHOTOS SHOWN ARE FOR EXAMPLE ONLY – THOSE ARE EARLY PROTOTYPE IMAGES OF THE INFINITY EDITION VERSIONS – TEST SHOT PHOTOS COMING SOON).

  • COLOSSUS REX (Deluxe 2) – Molded in clear green. Comes with chest armor, long axe, mace, war shield, a set of open clawing hands and a set of closed gripping fists.
  • HORROSCOPE (Wave 6) – Molded in clear purple. Comes with helmet, staff and laser pistol.
  • OHPROMATEM (Wave 6) – Molded in clear smoke gray. Comes with Meta-blaster, a hand held disintegrator, and a head with three rotating faces (to be revealed later this week).
  • GAMMA X (Deluxe 3) – Molded in clear. Comes with body armor, Gamma blaster and laser disruptor.
  • TERRA FIRMA (Wave 7) – Molded in clear orange. Comes with helmet, flag, Enviro-zap gun and anti-grav back-pack.
  • JACK ASTEROID (Wave 7) – (Wave 7) – Molded in clear orange. Comes with helmet, flag, Enviro-zap gun and anti-grav back-pack.

Free Shipping from the Four Horsemen at

I somehow missed this Facebook update from the Four Horsemen on Thanksgiving, but if you’re a fan, you can still take advantage of this free shipping deal through the end of today. It covers all items at the, including the latest Outer Space Men pre-order and the Fantastic Exclusives still in stock, like the Scarabus busts and figures from Gothitropolis and Queen Alluxandra from Seventh Kingdom. Enjoy!


As a thank you to everyone who’s supported us this past year, beginning at midnight tonight, until Monday night at midnight all domestic orders at Store Horsemen will be sent to you with NO SHIPPING CHARGE!

Just place an order at Store Horsemen ( between 12:00am Thursday Nov. 22nd and 12:00am Tuesday Nov. 27th and when we manually process your order, if you live within the continental United States the shipping charges will be completely removed!

We’re very thankful here at Four Horsemen Toy Design for everyone who’s supported us and followed us over the past few years and this is just a little token of our appreciation. THANKS!

via FourHorsemen ToyDesign.

Spy Monkey Creations Reveal the Weaponeers of Monkaa

The build-up to Spy Monkey Creation’s announcement of the Weaponeers of Monkaa has wrapped up and at PowerCon they unveiled the action figure line. Ever since talking to Brian Stevenson at SDCC I’ve been looking forward to seeing the figures. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it down south, but I’m glad Spy Monkey posted pics on their websites. Action figures, weapons packs, and alternate heads – with Glyos compatibility, this should be a fun line for both Glyos builders and fans of the Weaponeers story line.

The Weaponeers go on sale October 1st at the Spy Monkey Creations website.

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Four Horsemen and Joe Amaro to Host “Behind the Scenes” Toy Panel at El Paso Comic Con

Our pal Joe Amaro sent word that he will be hosting an action figure behind the scenes panel at El Paso Comic Con with Shane Dittsworth and O-Dawg from Four Horsemen Toy Design Studios. Shane and O-Dawg will also have a 4H booth setup and will be selling 4H figures at the show.

EPCON runs September 14 – 16,  the weekend before Power Con – so maybe we’ll see some of Joe’s completed Manta Raiders there too!

“Four Horsemen Toy Design Studios – El Paso Comic Con Toy Exhibit”

For the first time in El Paso come and see in person prototypes from the Four Horsemen Toy Design Studios featuring paint-masters and prototypes from the Masters of the Universe toy lines! Exclusive Four Horsemen merchandise will be on sale including action figures!

“Action Figures & Toys – Behind The Scenes”

Join Shane Dittsworth, Owen “O-Dawg” Oertling from the Four Horsemen Toy Design Studios and Joe Amaro as they talk about how your favorite figures are made. Joe and the Four Horsemen have worked with most major toy companies on all of your favorite toy and action figure properties.

EPCON Returns!

El Paso Comic Con is back! The 2012 El Paso Comic Con (EPCON), is the Sun City’s pop culture and mainstream media event.. EPCON brings to the El Paso and Ciudad Juarez region a high level of entertainment. An event that includes notable artists, authors, and movie and television stars. With numerous exhibits, events, contests, and sponsors.

EPCON 2012
El Paso Convention Center
1 CivicCenter Plaza, El Paso, TX
Preview Night Sept. 14th
September 15th – 16th

Toy Fair 2012 – Four Horsemen Toypocalypse 2 – Futuretro

Toypocalypse 2 - Outer Space Men (1280x853).jpg

The Four Horsemen kicked off Toy Fair 2012 with Toypocalypse 2 – Futuretro, the second installment of their toy art show. Like last year’s Toypocalypse, the 4H had a whole mess of goodness on display, and they also added a display case from Onell Designs and a wall of custom action figures and artwork for their Outer Space Men “Futuretro” line.

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