SDCC 2015: Hasbro Marvel Legends – Preview Night

SDCC 2015 - Hasbro Marvel Legends - Preview Night (1 of 18)

It’s Preview Night at San Diego Comic-Con, and one of my first stops was the Hasbro booth to check in on Marvel Legends. Hasbro has spent a little to upgrade the display cases throughout its booth, with clear glass cases and spotlights that provide dramatic backlighting that is bright enough to allow for clear pictures. This comes at the trade-off of less display space. What the Marvel team put out on Preview Night was mostly what we had seen and heard about at Toy Fair. But there were a few figures that we saw in person for the first time, and a couple of ones that snuck out that were surprises.

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Target Creates Listing for Exclusive Marvel Legends Ultron, Hulk, and Vision 3-Pack

But the placeholder lists it as out of stock

Marvel Avengers Target Exclusive Legends 3-Pack Hulk Ultron and Marvel's Vision

Last year, Target had the Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel (Warbird), Captain America, and Radioactive 3-pack exclusive. At Toy Fair, Hasbro announced Target would be following it up with Ultron, Hulk, and the Vision. I’ve been wondering when it was going to show up, and our good pal Paul spotted it and let us know. Here it is:

The listing looks like it’s a placeholder for eventual release; it’s currently listed as out of stock. And it looks to be built off of last year’s exclusive 3-pack. While the title and main image reflect this year’s exclusive, the additional pictures and product description feature Ms. Marvel, Cap, and Chen Lu. It’s also listed at $30, from when Target put the last one on clearance.

Now that we know it exists, we’ll be watching the listing closely. Now might be a good reminder to follow our social media channels, as those are the first places we’ll be notifying when the 3-pack is finally in stock. Happy shopping!

Watch Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?! Ep 41- Ultron & Vision: Robo Roomies

Ultron & Vision Robo Roomies – Marvel Super Heroes What The--! Ep 41

Just in time for the weekend, it’s the Vision and Ultron in an Odd Couple remake (further illustrating Hollywood’s originality problem?), courtesy of the multi-talented guys at Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?!

There’s cameos from the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, but no X-Men or Fantastic Four. I can’t believe that even the MSH: What The–?! crew is piling on the Marvel vs Fox Secret Wars! 😉

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Hot Toys Reveals Avengers: Age of Ultron Vision

Hot Toys Avengers Age of Ultron Vision 01

Marvel did a great job of teasing the reveal of Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron, both in the marketing campaign and the movie itself. So it’s not surprising that Hot Toys held back revealing their 1/6 scale figure of Vision until now, after the movie has been in theaters a couple weeks. This way, there shouldn’t be too many folks wondering what that is in his forehead, or why he comes with Mjolnir, Thor’s mystical uru hammer.

I think Vision has a great head sculpt, but I’m wondering about the clothing folds in his “suit” – isn’t the movie Vision made out of Vibranium?

You can pre-order the Marvel Vision Marvel Sixth Scale Figure at Sideshow. Next up, Scarlet Witch?

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Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Wave Hi-Res Pics

Marvel Legends Hulkbuster wave - high res pics

Hasbro has released hi-res pics of the upcoming Hulkbuster wave of Marvel Legends, and we’ve got them here in all their glory. The wave consists of War Machine from Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Marvel Now! Iron Man, Doctor Strange, the Vision, Blizzard, a re-do of Valkyrie, and Thundra from the Lady Liberators.

It looks like you’ll have to pick up all seven figures to make the build-a-figure Hulkbuster – not a surprise given its size. Pre-orders have not yet hit for the wave, but I’ll keep searching for Marvel Legends at Entertainment Earth and Amazon, for where I usually find the best deals on cases and individual figures respectively.

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