Diamond Select Toys Thank You Sale Starts Tomorrow on Thanksgiving

Diamond Select Toys is offering 10% – 20% off all items available in their online store. That includes Marvel Select, Marvel Minimates, Star Trek, the Walking Dead, the Expendables, Ghostbusters, and a whole lot more.

The sale starts on Thanksgiving (tomorrow) and runs through Monday. Happy shopping!

“Thank You” Sale!

The holiday shopping season is upon us, and to say “thanks” to their customers for making 2013 such a great year, Diamond Select is offering a discount on all in-stock items in their Web store! Running from Thanksgiving (Nov. 28th) through Cyber Monday (Dec. 2nd), if you visit the “Products” section at diamondselecttoys.com, you’ll be able to order any in-stock item at 10% off using the code DSTX10.

Marvel Minimates Series 39 Thor Movie Asst Expendables 2 Hale Caesar Figure Femme Fatales Steampunk Lexi PVC Statue

Plus, selected items will be eligible for a 20% off code DSTX20! Check out the list below, and visit the special “Sale” section of the store to pick up some great deals!

Get 20% off on:

  • All Minimates Vehicles
  • Alice: Madness Returns Minimates
  • Battle Beasts Minimates
  • Expendables Action Figures and Minimates
  • Femme Fatales Darkchylde Statue
  • Knight Rider License Plates
  • Femme Fatales Steampunk Lexi Statue
  • Marvel Minimates – Thor Movie
  • Marvel Minimates – Outback X-Men
  • Marvel Minimates – Torch and Blastarr
  • Ghostbusters Series 4 Minimates
  • Star Trek Retro Figures
  • Street Fighter X Tekken Minimates
  • Tomb Raider Minimates
  • Universal Monsters Minimates
  • Walking Dead Minimates Halloween ComicFest 2-Pack

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The Walking Dead Comic Series 2 on Sale Today Only at Entertainment Earth

I just checked into Entertainment Earth’s “Countdown to Black Friday” in which they offer a deal each day, usually only for that day. Today’s deal is for the Walking Dead Comic Series 2 – you can get individual figures for $9 each or the entire wave for $33.

I can’t believe how disgusting some of these figures are. Removable limbs? Intestines you can wiggle around? Nasty! This deal ends tonight at midnight.

Weekend Toy Run: The Walking Dead TV Series Four and More 20% Off at ToysRUs.com

Toys R Us can make it tough to shop at their online store. A lot of times they’ll show coupons online, but they’re only good in the bricks and mortar stores. This weekend, they’ve kindly made their 20% off sale good online too (with code SAVE20), but it’s only good on full-priced items. Luckily, the Walking Dead TV series 4 from McFarlane just arrived in stock, so it’s full price. At TRU prices, it’s a buck more than you can find it at some other retailers, but with the 20% off you can get each for $12 and change. Best of all, you can combine this with the free shipping for orders over $49.99.

If the Walking Dead isn’t your thing, you could also save on the Batman Classic TV Series action figures from Mattel. With the SAVE20 code, the figures are $15.99, the same price you can get them in other online stores – but TRU still has the Riddler in stock at the normal price, whereas other places like Amazon are sold out and only selling the Riddler through third party sellers for more.

The SAVE20 code expires today. Happy shopping!

SDCC 2013: Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select, Minimates and More

SDCC 2013 - Diamond Select Toys

We’re still working through pics from San Diego Comic-Con. This set is from Sandman’s visit to the Diamond Select Toys booth. They had a lot on display – the usual suspects like Marvel Select and Marvel Minimates were joined by some newcomers. In the “Select” brand it looks like DST will be adding a Sin City Select line as the sequel to the Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller hit comes to fruition. On the Minimates front, it looks like Tomb Raider will be joining the Marvel and Walking Dead lines. And who doesn’t love Femme Fatales?

I’ll have to review my own DST pics – I am surprised not to see Star Trek Select in here. I’m not sure if that’s because they didn’t have any on display or if Sandman hates Star Trek. I think I would recall if they had anything on display past Kirk, Spock, and Picard. [/Ron]

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ThreeZero to Make 1/6 Scale Figures from The Walking Dead?

[click for full image]
[click for full image]
Here’s an unofficial announcement (read: rumor) that is starting to make the rounds. The earliest trace I could find of it is from the BBICN boards – a BBICN member posted that ThreeZero has licensed the Walking Dead from AMC and will be producing 1/6 scale figures, and that they will be on display at San Diego Comic-Con.

I have been posting quite a bit about ThreeA Toys since I jumped on the bandwagon a few years back. ThreeZero is the home of the 3A Toys “Hatchery” – they are the production arm, or factory, that makes the toys. ThreeZero is owned and operated by Kim Fung Wong. He’s also Ashley Wood’s partner in 3A.

Still, this news / rumor is a little puzzling to me. After all, zombies are one of 3A’s mainstays. And 3A has been on a licensing tear, adding a diverse line-up in the past couple years. They’ve got 2000 A.D., Marvel, Valve, Metal Gear Solid, and Real Steel. They just closed out pre-orders for the first figures from their Halo 2 and Lost Planet 2 lines. So it seems odd that Walking Dead would fall under ThreeZero instead of ThreeA.

But who knows what twists and turns happen behind the scenes in the licensing game. We’ll talk to 3A at SDCC and see if we can find out more about this.

Three Zero X The Walking Dead released!

Both globally extremely popular American TV has finally launched an official duly authorized by 12 “dolls! U.S. SDCC exhibition there will be physical display, is the first openly black girl Michonnes two brothers [pet] Black ZOMBIE!? Nieye role will be introduced in the end re- it? we may ratio D views Three Zero friends!

[translated from Chinese]

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