Mattel Publishes Schedule Through November

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Honestly, I can’t wait until 2011 when my all-in Club Eternia subscription kicks in. If Tytus was any indicator, September will be a quick sell-out month with the oversized Gygor figure going on sale. And I think November will be interesting too, since Grayskull was the first figure introduced in the line, back at San Diego Comic-Con in 2009.

Remember back then? The first He-Man on took weeks to sell out! :D

No official pics yet of the line-up, which includes a couple Ghostbusters and the JLU Parademon 2-pack, but we included some from our SDCC 2010 coverage.

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Mattel San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives on Sale on 8/2

Don’t forget – Monday at Noon EST, Mattel’s exclusives from San Diego Comic-Con go on sale on Here’s the link to the bundled page.

Orko and Plastic Man sold out at the show first, and I imagine some people who got Orko at SDCC will be trying for this version too, because it doesn’t have the semi-translucent appearance that the Con-only color-change version does. Good luck!

Missed SDCC? Get Some of the Hottest Toys on 8/2!

Toy Fans,

Well, 2010 SDCC is over, but that doesn’t mean the chance to buy toys featured there has gone for good! As promised, we’re offering a limited number of some of the top SDCC products for purchase here at on Monday, August 2nd. Be here at at 9 a.m. PT (noon ET) for your chance at these collector gotta-gets:

These are the exact same products offered at SDCC, except the Starro Spores and Plastic Man suitcase aren’t available, and Orko doesn’t have the color-change features. Want a reminder sent to your inbox? Click here to sign up for email!

— Matty

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San Diego Comic-Con 2010 – the Complete Picture Gallery Guide

So we’ve been back from Comic-Con for a week, and boy do we have tons of pics to share with you all! To help you guys and gals navigate our galleries, we’ve prepared a summary with links to make browsing easier! Here we go!

First off, you can find the San Diego Comic-Con gallery under Events in our Galleries section. Click on 2010 San Diego Comic-Con and you’ll see all the different galleries for each company and a couple of non-toy galleries too.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2010 – Mattel Mattypalooza Panel

Mattel held its Mattypalooza panel on Friday at San Diego Comic-Con. In it, they covered the exclusives:

  • DC Universe – Green Lantern Retro-Action DC Super Heroes, JLU New Gods 2-packs, and the DC Universe Classics Legion of Super Heroes 12-pack (these were also covered in the Mattel DC Universe panel that included the retail-based products)
  • Ghostbusters – Retro-Action, 6-inch, 12 inch figures, and the PKE meter prop replica
  • Masters of the Universe Classics

You can see pictures of the new Masters reveals in the San Diego Comic-Con 2010 – Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics – Updates article. Pics of the Ghostbusters coming soon.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2010 – Mattel DC Universe Panel

Mattel held its DC Universe panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday. We caught the presentation in its entirety.

Some highlights for me:

  • Jonah Hex in DC Universe Classics wave 16! That’s the top of my list for DC, and I’m replacing Hex with Sgt. Rock for my most wanted list.
  • Corrected Sinestro in his classic blue costume – the 5-pack Sinestro head on Hal Jordan body isn’t doing it for me, so I’ll be psyched if they fix this by putting Sinestro on a more suitable body.
  • Ch’p (or is it the other little furry Lantern?) – hey, could this pave the way for a Dex-Starr, the Rage Kitty?

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AFP Ask Matty Round-Up for 7/15/10

Here we go – it’s the last Ask Matty session before SDCC – and I’m afraid we didn’t do all that well getting the guys at Mattel to spill any surprises. Because of the show, there won’t be another Q&A until August 15th. Send in your questions, because I’m doing a lousy job at it!

1) Since this is the last Q&A before San Diego Comic-Con, can you give us some hints about the new figures that you plan to show from each line (without giving too much away, of course)?

Getting info out of Matty is like pulling teeth! (Yeah, I know, that was horrible.)

For MOTUC, much like last year, we’ll be showing items through the first 2011 figures. For GB Classics, we will show  about three to four new figures. For DCUC, we will have at least two waves of six-inch figures as well as some surprises. For JLU, we will show at least the remaining 2010 product, which includes the “skipped over” wave of JLU singles including show accurate Red Tornado and OMAC.

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ToyFare 157 On Sale Today

At the end of last week we had a preview of what was to appear in Toyfare #157, the San Diego Comic-Con pre-show issue, and that issue is on news stands today.

I think the editorial staff at Toyfare is trying to dominate the search engine results for “WORLD PREMIERE” and “WORLD PREMIERING” – there’s going to be a lot to see in this issue, including a new 12-inch Star Wars line from Gentle Giant that I had heard nothing about before today. Cool!

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Mattel to Sell Masters of the Universe Classics She-Ra and Justice League Unlimited Lobo

In case you missed this with the long weekend, Mattel announced it would be selling two recent offerings, the Masters of the Universe Classics She-Ra and the Justice League Unlimited Lobo at San Diego Comic-Con.

And if you need reminding, here’s the rundown of Mattel exclusives at SDCC.

SDCC Update

Hey toy fans!

With SDCC only just over 2 weeks away I wanted to give you a quick update.

First off we will have a full schedule of events, panels, signings, and raffles posted as soon as we lock everything down. SDCC 2010 will feature more brands than ever before participating in the Mattel booth. As always, you can expect a huge showing from all of my favorite collector brands such as DCU, JLU, WWE, MOTUC, Ghostbusters and more!

In addition to our exclusives, we’ll also be selling some other collector product in limited quantities. As announced on my forums, we do have some Lobo figures (for you JLU fans!) and She-Ra figures (for her 25th anniversary!). Both are the same run that sold on in June, we just saved a few for SDCC.

A full list will be posted soon. Stay tuned soon for more…and hope to see you all in San Diego!


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Reminder: Masters of the Universe Classics She-Ra, Ghostbusters Peter Venkman, DC Universe Classics Wave 5 and More On Sale June 15

Lots of Mattel news today, but don’t forget that June 15 is the sale date. And I’m guessing with She-Ra, Keldor, DC Universe Classics Wave 5, Peter Venkman, and Lobo on sale, it’ll be a bit rough.

Use the June 15 bundle page for all sale items on one page, for easier ordering. Good luck!

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DC Universe Classics Wave 15 and Target Exclusive Justice League Unlimited Reveals

Update: larger images for DC Universe Classics wave 15!

DCUC 15 - Batman (Sinestro Corps)DCUC 15 - Golden PharaohDCUC 15 - JemmDCUC 15 - Martian Manhunter (alien)DCUC 15 - Martian Manhunter (normal)DCUC 15 - OMACDCUC 15 - Raven (Fan's Choice)DCUC 15 - Starman (classic)DCUC 15 - Starman (modern)DCUC 15 - Validus

via Facebook |’s Photos – DCUC Wave 15.

A couple of days ago we posted a lineup for DC Universe Classics wave 15 we saw at an online retailer. Today, Mattel posted some pics of wave 15 confirming the lineup, as well as revealing upcoming JLU singles that are exclusive to Target.

Legion of Super-Heroes villain Validus is the Collect and Connect figure for wave 15. What are your thoughts and reactions?

First Official Look at DCU Wave 15 and Fall JLU Singles


Oh DCU, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways… let’s see, Wave 1, Wave 2, Wave 3… Wave 15! Yep, Wave 15 is coming to retailers late this summer. You’ll find these figures first at Kmart in late August/early September, then retailers everywhere in the fall. Collect all seven figures and you’ll have everything you need to create a villainous Validus Collect and Connect™ figure!

DCU Wave 15

  • Golden Pharaoh — Complete your “Super Powers” collection! Golden Pharaoh is armed with his Pyramid Power staff and rocks a  transparent purple torso and collar.
  • Classic Starman –Traditional version of Starman is well equipped with his Cosmic Rod and a Stellar Energy Pistol. Celestial crime fighting was never so much fun!
  • Modern Starman — The updated version of Starman lands with his trusty Cosmic Rod and features contemporary translucent parts.
  • OMAC — He’s not bad, he’s just built that way! Cyborg OMAC is rendered in dramatic detail in his first outing as an action figure.
  • Martian Manhunter — Two versions will be released, so it’ll be your turn to hunt the hunter for both the standard figure and the hard-to-find chase version with Martian head and “weapon” hand!
  • Raven — Stunning and smart, the Fan’s Choice winner comes to life as a magnificent action figure.
  • Sinestro Corps Batman — Commemorating his near-indoctrination into the dark side, our hero comes with a transparent Batarang ring construct.
  • Jemm – We’re fairly certain the Injustice Gang has their eye on as the Son of Saturn gets ready to make his first-ever appearance as an action figure.
  • Validus — Collect all 7 figures above to create this fearsome 9” Collect and Connect™ figure! Validus arrives with a crystal-clear head dome to reveal his heinously huge brain.

And since we’re on a roll counting ways we dig DCU, let’s talk about the five JLU singles coming to a Target store near you later this year:

JLU Target Singles

  • Future JLU Superman with Starro Spore — In a double dose of firsts, this release will mark the initial availability of an all-new figure, plus it includes fan-favorite Starro Spore as a never-before-offered accessory!
  • Barry Allan as The Flash with Lightning Bolt — It’s the first time this figure is offered, so you’ll want to catch him before he’s gone in a… well, you know…
  • Power Ring — Evil twins everywhere will rejoice when Power Ring joins their ranks for the first time as an action figure. Features a giant green hand construct.
  • Batman Beyond with Batarang — Available for the first time as a single, Batman is ready to battle the bad guys when stocked with this staple from his arsenal.
  • Mr. Terrific — Also making his big debut as a single, the ever-present T-spheres have been completely redesigned.

When we get more information on release dates, we’ll let you know when you can expect to find these DCU must-haves. Until then, happy hunting!

— Matty

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