DC Universe Classics Mirror Master Headlines Matty Sales Day on 8/15 and Young Justice 2-Pack Gets a Reprieve

It’s sales day on MattyCollector.com – something I often and gladly forget because I’m subbed up like a toy gangsta – and DC Universe Classics Mirror Master from Club Infinite Earths is the headliner. Here’s the link to the handy August 15 bundle page. Due to our arch-enemy, Logistics, there’s no figure from the Club Eternia subscription, but if you still need a Masters of the Universe Classics fix, you can pick up this month’s figure from the 30th Anniversary sub, Sir Laser-Lot.

I’m not a big fan of the design Geoff Johns came up with when he was 8 years old. To some of you I know that means I’m a cranky old guy who doesn’t doesn’t know how to have fun with toys (yes, I also was underwhelmed by Vykron). But to each his own – if you’re a Laser-Lot fan, I’m glad Mattel made him for you.

Also, with Young Justice subscriptions at the halfway point to hit the minimums for the green light, Mattel extended the sub order window by 2 weeks – and delayed the ship date (only if YJ fans buy enough, we keep getting reminded) by three months. I’ll keep hoping that Mattel eventually gets to the point where they’ll do a true pre-order – that means no thermometer – because it will mean they’ve made a good enough product that they trust we’ll buy in mass quantities.

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Toy Fair 2012 – Mattel Collector Night – Toy Guru Video

Mattel held its Collector Night event at New York Toy Fair yesterday, and Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich was on hand to share the details of all the products they had on display.

Included in the mix were Voltron, DC Universe (including Club Infinite Earths, All-Stars, Young Justice, Action League, Justice League Unlimited, Batman Legacy, and The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters), Masters of the Universe Classics, WWE, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, and Cars. Following his presentation, Toy Guru fielded all the questions that the crowd threw his way.

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Masters of the Universe Classics, DC Universe Classics Wave 18, Justice League Unlimited and More On Sale 11/15

It’s a pretty big sale day tomorrow (and for the next couple of weeks) at MattyCollector.com. On the Masters of the Universe Classics front, you’ve got fan favorite Snout Spout and She-Ra’s Swiftwind as the Club Eternia subscription figures. And don’t forget to get Bubble Power She-Ra, who is not part of the sub, if you want a She-Ra that can actually ride Swiftwind. This She-Ra can be combined with the original release for the classic look with updated articulation.

On the DC front, DC Universe Classics Wave 18 is also on sale today as individual figures, and in what I can only characterize as an end of year clearance, Retro Action DC Super Heroes and Justice League Unlimited are out in force. All the JLU 4-packs are priced to move, as long as you can get 9 or more of your closest collector friends in on the deal. 🙂

And for your convenience, here’s the handy dandy link to the MattyCollector.com bundle page for the November sale.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2011 – Mattel DC Universe Panel Video

Last week we also asked Matty what they were planning to do for a DC Universe Fan’s Choice poll this year. Matty’s answer:

Right now that is a bit up in the air. With the changes in DC and the emergence of DCnU a lot has changed in our 2012 plans and we are scrambling to catch up!

Ah, that clever Matty! Of course he knew about the vote to pick the new Club Infinite Earths exclusive figure, but had to give us a coy answer to save up the surprise for today’s DC Universe panel at San Diego Comic-Con. We’ve got the video right here.

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MattyCollector.com Mad Monday Sale Starting 6/27

Mattel’s Mad Matty Monday (whew that’s a mouthful) is on – right now, in fact! If you’re willing to plunk down $40 plus shipping for a random grab bag, you could hit it big! If I didn’t have the Club Eternia subscription for Masters of the Universe Classics, I’d probably pick up one of those. Since figures are $20 and up, you’d be getting $40 easy – unless they saddle you with 3 sets of stands – but they’ve already said each pack would exceed the $40 mark.

It applies even more so for Ghostbusters, since there’s not an item in that brand that goes below $20. In the DCU brand, I’m more wary, because I only collect DC Universe Classics, and I’d just have to find other homes for JLU or Retro Super Heroes stuff.

Toy Fans,

Don’t like Mondays? Forget about it – I’m about to chase away those blues with my new Mad Matty Monday sale! What exactly is Mad Matty Monday? It’s a special sale that will happen on various Mondays throughout the year, whenever the mood strikes me. You never know what will be offered but it’s guaranteed to be insanely awesome, that’s why it’s called Mad Matty Monday!

The first one is June 27th and I’ve created three different product bundles. Each one will cost $40 plus shipping. No hints on what’s inside… they’re called Mystery Packs for a reason! I will guarantee, however, that each one has three items inside and the value of the pack definitely exceeds the $40 price. You’ll want to get there early because quantities on most of the items are extremely low.

There are no limits – you can buy as many of each one as you want and all packs purchased in a single transaction will ship together for even bigger savings. Here are the packs you’ll be able to choose from:

The sale starts Monday, June 27th at 9 a.m. PT (12 p.m. ET) and goes through July 11th at 8 a.m. PT, unless all items are sold out before then. Want reminders? Like all sales, I post them on Facebook, Twitter and in our Fan Forums. I’ll send an email reminder, too, so click here to register.

See you on the 27th – it’s gonna be crazy good!


P.S. Because of limitations on commercial shipments, this sale is only open to US customers.

via MattyCollector.com Online Store.

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