The Four Horsemen Ride Into El Paso Comic Con

Our pal Joe Amaro sent us pics of the Four Horsemen’s booth at El Paso Comic Con. The 4H’s Shane Dittsworth and Owen “O-Dawg” Oertling were on site. For fans of Seventh Kingdom, Gothitropolis, and the Masters of the Universe 200X line, there’s some great shots of 2-ups that I’ve been lucky to see in person – but I’ve never gotten a good look at the backs of the prototypes before, though, and there’s some great details in these shots. The El Paso Times also has some local coverage of EP-Con, including a couple of pics of O-Dawg in action.

Regarding the Manta Raider that Joe is working on with Rudy Obrero – I checked in with Joe recently and he said he’s still working on them, and will give out more details on how to get your hands on the custom vehicle when he’s 100% on the details.

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Best Week Ever (the Toy Version) and the Spread Good Karma Giveaway

I’ve had a really good week (or so) for toys. It started on our anniversary – as a gift, my wife got me the Wal-Mart exclusive Avengers Hulk that has been eluding me for some time. And she didn’t even blink when I told her that I was planning to Frankenstein him with some other Hulks to make the best Hulk ever (maybe some day). And it’s kept going since then:

  • Hasbro Return of Marvel Legends – BigBadToyStore let me know that my pre-order of Wave 3 was in.
  • 3A Toys Action Portable – My most-anticipated figure, the Fighting JC, was announced in 1/12 scale, and on order day I also scored an AP blue-suited Zomb for a great price on eBay and the secret Dark Sarge Zomb on, right as the JC sale was closing up.
  • Hot Toys The Dark Knight – I missed out on the pre-order window for the SWAT version of Jim Gordon, but Sideshow just let me know that they found one for me (I had put myself on the wait list).

With all this good stuff happening to me (aside from now being completely broke :)), I figured I should spread the good toy karma around with a Free Stuff giveaway. Here’s what’s up for grabs and how to get up to three chances to win.

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Toy Fair 2012 – Four Horsemen Toypocalypse 2 – Futuretro

Toypocalypse 2 - Outer Space Men (1280x853).jpg

The Four Horsemen kicked off Toy Fair 2012 with Toypocalypse 2 – Futuretro, the second installment of their toy art show. Like last year’s Toypocalypse, the 4H had a whole mess of goodness on display, and they also added a display case from Onell Designs and a wall of custom action figures and artwork for their Outer Space Men “Futuretro” line.

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Toy Fair 2011 – Four Horsemen’s Toypocalypse

Toypocalypse (19) (1280x957).jpgToypocalypse (20) (1280x960).jpg

What an awesome way to start off Toy Fair – with Toypocalypse, an art show held at Toy Tokyo, featuring 10 years of action figure goodness from the Four Horsemen. The show opened tonight and will run through next Thursday, but I felt compelled to go tonight, before the craziness of Toy Fair began.

The show space was packed full of 4H fans – but the really overwhelming part was just seeing all the toys that the 4H have had a big hand in getting to our shelves. One section of the show space was dedicated to a “making of” section for the next figure that will be gracing our shelves – the Fantastic Exclusive Gothitropolis Scarabus.

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San Diego Comic-Con Most Wanted – SamuRon

Wow, is it that time already? The biggest pop culture event of the year is upon us, and I’m just not ready for it.

Thankfully, the rest of the guys have already covered the bulk of my Most Wanted list, so check out their pre-game shows: Buzzy, Sandman, and Talyn. Here’s some of the upcoming toy lines from my favorite toy companies that somehow didn’t already get mentioned:

DC Universe Mez-Itz (Mezco)

As far as I’m concerned, there’s been a hole in the urban vinyl category shaped like a big “DC” – ever since Hasbro took vinyl and brought it to mass market as Mighty Muggs for its Marvel, Star Wars, GI Joe, and Transformers licenses, I’ve been waiting for DC to follow suit. I thought last year we might get a line from Mattel – they had some protos on display for Masters of the Universe and others that never made it to toy shelves. And DC Direct’s Blammoids made it to comic book stores but just aren’t my cup of tea.

With DC going with Mez-Itz, I think we’ve finally got a chance for DC urban vinyl for mass market. Mez-Itz has a very pleasing form factor that’s scale compatible with Mighty Muggs. And they’ve got those ball-jointed necks, that make them a superior offering. I can’t wait to pick up the Batman / Joker exclusive, and see what else Mezco has planned.

>> Read more about Mezco’s Mez-Itz

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