Toy Fair 2012 – Four Horsemen Toypocalypse 2 – Futuretro

Toypocalypse 2 - Outer Space Men (1280x853).jpg

The Four Horsemen kicked off Toy Fair 2012 with Toypocalypse 2 – Futuretro, the second installment of their toy art show. Like last year’s Toypocalypse, the 4H had a whole mess of goodness on display, and they also added a display case from Onell Designs and a wall of custom action figures and artwork for their Outer Space Men “Futuretro” line.

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Wayback Wednesday – “Centurions” Dr. Terror

A brilliant yet evil genius, Dr. Terror fused half his body to a powerful computer system in a bizarre operation which he himself developed. Now programmed for the ultimate evil, he challenges The Centurions in a fight to rule the world! His cyborg half, Syntax launches a powerful missile and a grasping cleaver claw!


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