Toy Fair 2011 – Mezco DC Mez-Itz and Thundercats Lion-O

Mez-Itz 6-Inch (8) (1280x852).jpg

I have been a big fan of Mezco from back when they were making Hellboy action figures from the movies and comics. But that time was a very different environment for toy manufacturers – today, it’s much harder for a smaller company to navigate through the tougher economic conditions and the shift to bigger licensing deals. Sure, Mezco has the Living Dead Dolls to keep them going, but I was really psyched when they were able to carve out a niche in the DC license to make Mez-Itz.

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Mezco Announces Green Lantern Movie Mez-Itz

Mezco has announced that its first Mez-Itz from its DC Universe license will be Hal Jordan and Sinestro from the upcoming movie starring Ryan Reynolds. I had been wondering what had happened to this line since picking up the Batman and Joker set at San Diego Comic-Con – glad to see some DC Mez-Itz planned, even if it’ll be May before they hit shelves.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Mezco Exclusive DC Universe Batman and Joker Mez-Itz 2-Pack

Sector1014 returns with a guest review of the SDCC 2010 Mez-Itz 2-Pack featuring Batman and the Joker. Previously, he highlighted the Funko Force 2 DC Universe vinyl figures, which we had missed at the show completely. And a while back, he wrote a great primer on the off-the-wall pick of Kamandi from DC Universe Classics wave 14. What do you think, should we ask him to be a regular here already?

Mezco Mez-Itz Batman Joker SDCC 2010

Ron has been following all the news about Mezco’s new DC line here on AFP since it was announced, and SDCC 2010 brought us our first batch of figs and a look at where the line is going. First out of the gate for the DC 6″ Mez-Itz is the con/web exclusive Batman/Joker two-pack. Both are in classic comic book designs, with Batman displayed in his blue/grey-with-yellow-oval-logo version, and the Joker wearing his trenchcoat (with hat, not pictured above).

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San Diego Comic-Con 2010 – the Complete Picture Gallery Guide

So we’ve been back from Comic-Con for a week, and boy do we have tons of pics to share with you all! To help you guys and gals navigate our galleries, we’ve prepared a summary with links to make browsing easier! Here we go!

First off, you can find the San Diego Comic-Con gallery under Events in our Galleries section. Click onĀ 2010 San Diego Comic-Con and you’ll see all the different galleries for each company and a couple of non-toy galleries too.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2010 – Mezco DC Universe Mez-Itz

Mezco was one of my most anticipated stops I had to make on Preview Night at San Diego Comic-Con, primarily for their new line-up of DC Universe Mez-Itz. I’m guessing that a lot of AFP readers aren’t into urban vinyl figures, but I challenge you to look upon these works and rejoice!

DC Mez-Itz - Joker (900x1200).jpgDC Mez-Itz - Batman (898x1200).jpgDC Mez-Itz - Sinestro (900x1200).jpgDC Mez-Itz - Green Lantern (898x1200).jpg

While these will see broad release through Diamond and specialty stores, they’ll likely not hit mass market retailers like Toys R Us – because Mattel has such a lock on DC as the master license holder, Mezco had to carve out a very specific niche to be able to produce these.

I’m glad they did. As I’ve said many times, these are compatible with Hasbro’s Mighty Muggs, but the ball-jointed head takes them a step further in the poses and resulting character these emanate. And the designs are a home run – I must have that Sinestro, now!

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