BBTS News: Toy Fair 2013, Transformers, DC Collectibles, NFL/NHL Sportspicks, Iron Man 3, GI Joe Retaliation, Barbie, Kotobukiya & More!

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NECA had a variety of new items to show at Toy Fair this past weekend.  These include a 1/4 Scale Superman from the upcoming “Man of Steel” movie, which was priced at $84.99.  They also announced two 1/4 Scale Batman figures at $84.99 each, one in the Adam West look from 1964 and the other in the Michael Keaton look from 1989’s “Batman”.  “Pacific Rim” will be getting a line of 7″ figures, with the first assortment containing Gipsy Danger, Crimson Typhoon, and Knifehead; we have them available at $53.99 for the Set of three, or $229.99 for the Case of 14 ($69 off the MSRP, breakdown currently unknown).  The Predators 7″ figure series is getting a ninth assortment, which includes Jungle Encounter Dutch, Jungle Disguise Dutch and Water Emergence Predator, like the “Pacific Rim” assortment, this one is available both as a Set of three for $53.99 and as a Case of 14 at $229.99, saving you $69 off of the MSRP.  The upcoming “Lone Ranger” film has a number of figures on the way;  1/4 Scale figures of the Lone Ranger and Tonto at $84.99 each, 7″ Head Knockers of the Lone Ranger and Tonto at $19.99 each, and 7″ Figures, with a Set of the Lone Ranger and Tonto at $36.99 or the Case of 8 figures (breakdown unknown) at $134.99, $35 off the MSRP.  Kitai from “After Earth” will soon be available as a 7″ Scale action figure, priced at $18.99.  The second line of 6″ figures from the KickAss series come from “KickAss 2″, and the assortment includes KickAss, Hit Girl and MF-er.  They are available as a Set of three for $53.99 or a Case of 14 at $229.99 (once again, $69 off the MSRP, with the breakdown currently unknown).  Finally, a second series of Gears of War 3.75″ figures is coming, and they are listed at $34.99 for the Set of three, or $139.99 for the Case of 14, saving you $42 off of the MSRP.  Please note – we have added a number of singles to the various menus, priced at $18.99 each for the 6″-7″ figures, and $11.99 each for the Gears of War 3.75” figures, so be sure to grab your favorites if you choose not to get the whole case or set.

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Jazwares Sonic the Hedgehog Group and Quick Pics


Hey everyone, I just wanted to share some quick pics of Jazware’s Sonic the Hedgehog action figures.

They’ve been steadily releasing some of Sonic’s supporting cast lately, and so I figured I’d do a group shot to show how far they’ve come. However, I’m still missing Amy, and I haven’t picked up any of the “Super” Hedgehogs. The retail prices on these at Toys ‘R’ Us have been steadily increasing, they were $4.99 when they first came out, now they’ve ballooned to $9.99 in my local TRU! So, I don’t know how long I can support this line, which sucks because even though I’m not very familiar with the Sonic Universe, I do like the character designs and the colorfulness of the line. Just look at that pic, I feel like eating some Skittles candy!

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Happy New Year! AFP’s Best of 2010

As we kick off the new year, I asked the guys to make their picks for for best [insert anything toy-related] for 2010. I wasn’t sure, since we just picked our “most thankful for” figures a few weeks ago at Thanksgiving, if we’d have much to add. Turns out there was plenty that impressed us above and beyond our Thanksgiving picks.

I’ll get us started.

Best of 2010 - Iron Man 2 - Iron Monger

Ron’s pick – Hasbro Iron Man 2 – Iron Monger

I don’t want to get typecast, because I picked the Marvel Legends Iron Man as one of Fwoosh’s Best of 2009. But this year, I think that the Iron Man 2 line from Hasbro, in particular the Comic series, went a long way in winning over fans who were missing their 6-inch Legends to the 4-inch scale.

The line has some really great sculpts, decent enough paint apps, and some fantastic articulation at that size. And, of course, it brought us this awesome Iron Monger – the huge, classic, comic-based blue version that I never thought we’d get, since the movie-based Iron Monger lined shelves for a while.

There were lots of Hasbro Iron Man news and reviews this year, but one of my favorite posts was highlighting this custom Iron Man armory by Thor-El.

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Jazwares 3-Inch Sonic the Hedgehog Preview of Espio, Vector, Super Sonic, and Super Shadow

Our own Sandman has given us some good looks at Sonic and Knuckles and Tails and Silver. Now our good friends at Jazwares have given us a preview of some more 3-inch scaled Sonic the Hedgehog figures that are coming out later this year. Since they’re all pending licensor approval, don’t consider these final prototypes.

Sonic is still going strong and we have many new items on the way!

I wanted to give you a sneak peek of some Sonic figures due later this year.

You are free to show these just make sure you say they are “Pending Licensor Approval”.

  • 3in Espio – Comic Book Pack with Vector (We will also have a clear “Invisible Espio” on single card later on.)
  • 4in Vector – Comic Book Pack with Espio
  • 3in Super Sonic – Included in a three figure set called “Super Pack” with Super Shadow and Super Silver. The set also includes 7 Chaos Emeralds.
  • 3in Super Shadow – Super Pack
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