The Pre-Toy Fair 2014 Hasbro Marvel Update

This upcoming weekend we’ll be braving the cold weather in New York City to attend the Hasbro Toy Fair Preview, of which Marvel will be one of the major brands to show – among others, Transformers, Star Wars, and in a limited capacity, G.I. JOE. But we’ve got some catching up to do, so here are some updates to the Hasbro Marvel lines which will bring us up to speed before the big event.

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Weekend Toy Run: Exclusive Marvel Universe X-Men Collector Pack at

Toys R Us is running a special promotion – take an extra 20% off of items already on clearance. There’s 151 action figure items that qualify, including this exclusive Marvel Universe X-Factor 6-pack - for just $27.98 when you include the extra discount. The regular price is $44.99.

Unlike the Marvel Legends X-Men set coming out next month (also exclusive to Toys R Us), this set excludes Beast – but it does come with two villains that were created in the X-Factor comic – Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse.


A powerful group of X-MEN goes undercover to form a new team. Posing as humans, they will hunt down mutants, not to do them harm, but to secretly ensure their survival. These courageous heroes are known as: X-Factor!

With CYCLOPS as their fearless X-Factor leader, JEAN GREY as their telekinetic mind reader, ANGEL as the vigilant winged warrior and ICEMAN as the ice-wielding controller of cold, the X-Factor team seems to be ready for almost anything. But are they ready to take on the immortal APOCALYPSE and the devious MR. SINISTER villains? Only you can tell!

via Exclusive San Diego Comic Con 2012 X-Men Collector Pack – Hasbro – Toys “R” Us.

Happy New Year! – Watch the Marvel Legends Wolverine Epic Split

Marvel Legends Wolverine Epic Split

Hope you had a great holiday. If you did any surfing over the past couple weeks, you probably encountered the Chuck Norris Epic Christmas Split, the interweb’s response to the Jean Claude Van Damme Epic Split commercial that was produced by Volvo.

Not to be outdone, the Marvel Legends Wolverine from Toy Biz one ups them both, with some help from a couple of Hasbro Sentinels from the Marvel Universe line. The video is from Reckless Abandonment Pictures, the guys who brought us some action figure stop motion videos for the openings of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and X-Men cartoons.

We’ll get back into the swing of things this week – in the meantime, enjoy the video!
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My X-Mas Wish – Hasbro, Make a Marvel Legends Squirrel Girl Already!

This holiday season, I’ve found myself playing a fair amount of Marvel Heroes, the action RPG from Gazillion Entertainment. I was a big fan of the earlier Diablo games (not so much Diablo 3), and the team behind the first two games drove the development of this one. As such, the game may look a bit “classic” but the non-stop action coupled with the Marvel lore makes it a very fun experience.

Before I started playing, I wondered about what it would be like, since as a player, you are limited to choosing from the roster of Marvel heroes in the game (versus designing your own hero, like in many other RPGs). But with a steady release of new playable characters, it’s not all a bunch of Wolverines running around. Which brings me to my point – of *all* the playable characters (and a fair amount of villains in the game), there’s only one who doesn’t have an accompanying action figure in Marvel Legends – Squirrel Girl. It’s time for Hasbro to step up to the plate and make her!

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Thanksgiving Toy Run: Avengers S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier on Sale for $39.99 at

As a Rewards R Us member, I saw that the Marvel Universe SHIELD Helicarrier would be on sale in Toys R Us stores for Thanksgiving. Thankfully, I was spared having to write a diatribe about how TRU should stop treating its online customers different from its brick and mortar customers, because the Helicarrier is also on sale for $39.99 on the website.

I won’t go so far as to call it the USS Flagg of the Marvel Universe generation, but I doubt we’ll ever see another vehicle this large from Hasbro’s Marvel team any time soon. At half off it’s a good deal, and you’ll only need to add $10 to your cart to trigger free shipping. You could also wait until TRU opens their doors at 5PM tonight to look for one in the stores – but does anyone want to go out shopping right after a big turkey meal? Isn’t Black Friday in the wee hours punishment enough? Happy Thanksgiving!

The Avengers S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier 1 The Avengers S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier 2

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes need Earth’s most amazing vehicle! Straight out of the upcoming MARVEL film THE AVENGERS, this mobile battle station, a.k.a The Avengers S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, features launching projectiles and an incredible scale at over 3 feet long, it’s the largest MARVEL vehicle ever created by Hasbro, with space for over 30 3.75-inch MARVEL action figures! (Figures sold separately.) Ages 4 & up.

via The Avengers S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier – Hasbro – Toys “R” Us.

Weekend Toy Run: Marvel Universe Iron Man 3 Hall of Armor 6-Pack

Iron Man 3 Marvel Hall of Armor Collection Action Figure 1 Iron Man 3 Marvel Hall of Armor Collection Action Figure 2

Amidst all this diecast Iron Man goodness from Play Imaginative, let’s not forget that there’s already a line of Iron Man action figures that could satisfy your urge to build a hall of armor. Sure, the Marvel Universe figures from Hasbro are all plastic, not diecast, but that combined with their smaller size means they’re a lot easier on the wallet, too.

However, this six-pack of figures has been selling in the neighborhood of $100 on the secondary market – while 4 of the figures are repacks with the ARC Reactor glow, the Mark 42 and the Tony Stark figures are exclusive to the set. And the only other way to get a Mark 42 in this scale is via the Assemblers line, which is not as articulated. Luckily, the set is now more abundant, and Amazon has it on sale.

Note: Just saw that Wal-Mart has the Iron Man 3 Hall of Armor for the same price, but you have to get to $50 to get free shipping.

Marvel Universe Cloak and Dagger 2-Pack on Sale for $9.99 at

Marvel Universe Cloak and Dagger 1 Marvel Universe Cloak and Dagger 2 Marvel Universe Cloak and Dagger 3

If you’re looking for both Cloak and Dagger from Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line (and I don’t know why you’d want one without the other), then the best place to go right now is – they have a special 2-pack on sale for $9.99. Yes, that includes both figures! Don’t delay – I bet this sells out today.

Marvel Universe Marvel Knights Figure 2-Pack – $9.99

Once, this super-powered duo fought crime together. Now, Cloak rages unchecked, controlled by a dark force. The Marvel Knights must stop him, but Dagger may be the only one who can return him to balance before he consumes them all!

Your superhero adventures will be off the hook with these awesome Marvel Knights figures! Pit your scary Cloak figure against your hardcore Dagger figure. Will Dagger prevail, or will Cloak be consumed by evil? It’s all up to you! Includes 2 figures.


  • Marvel Knights figures
  • Cloak figure wears signature black cloak
  • Dagger figure is posed for combat
  • Action figure size: 3.75-inches
  • Ages 4 and up

via Marvel Universe Marvel Knights Figure 2-Pack – Hasbro – Toys “R” Us.

Watch Rocket Raccoon Kick Ass on Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?! NYCC 2013

Rocket Raccoon Plush by Just Play Zombie Magneto Bust by Gentle Giant Iron Man Statues by Beast Kingdom

Guardians of the Galaxy fans, you can pick up the Rocket Raccoon plush at NYCC this weekend for $34.99. He’s limited to a thousand pieces, comes with a limited Skottie Young lithograph and is one of a bunch of Marvel collectibles available at the Marvel booth. If you’re a Marvel Unlimited Plus subscriber, you’ll get 10% off your purchases at the show.

Now check him out in this video from Marvel’s What The–?! crew.

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Weekend Toy Run: Marvel Universe Rhino, Mysterio, and Elektra

Marvel Universe Rhino Figure 3.75 Inches Marvel Universe Marvel's Mysterio Figure 3.75 Inches Marvel Universe Elektra Figure 3.75 Inches

I know the weekend is over, but I saw that the new figures from Marvel Universe wave 22 were back down to regular prices at Amazon while I was doing some late night shopping last night – so it still counts! The Marvel Universe Rhino, Mysterio, and Elektra are back at $11.99 a figure, after several weeks of high third party prices.

I’m thinking about converting Rhino into a keychain, in honor of Deadpool. Happy shopping!

Soapbox Sunday: What’s Wrong with Mattel’s New DC Retail Lines?

A couple of weeks ago, I posed the question if Hasbro could revitalize the G.I. JOE brand by launching a new 6-inch action figure line. I reasoned that if the Star Wars team could make it work with the Black Series and the Marvel team could go the other way (from 6-inch to 4-inch) with Marvel Universe, then it could work for Joes too.

DC Total Heroes - Superman DC Multiverse - Arkham Origins Deadshot

DC Total Heroes Superman (6-inch scale) and DC Comics Multiverse Deadshot (3.75-inch scale)

This past week I got my first look at Mattel’s attempt to breathe new life into their DC Comics license at retail with the DC Total Heroes and DC Comics Multiverse lines as pre-orders went live online. And good Grodd – I dislike them so much I want them to fail. Now I’m left wondering – are my feelings unfounded, making me a hypocrite? Why should I want to see this happen for G.I. JOE when I can’t stand Mattel’s attempt to do the same?

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