CustomCon 36 – Day Three of Three

CustomCon 36 - Day Three

DAY THREE: Thursday, December 12

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CC36: Watchmen Minimates by Brian Felgar


The longest-running block figure line in history is taking on one of the most popular graphic novels of all time – Watchmen Minimates!

This exclusive series brings you the key characters from the fan-favorite work of comic literature: Rorschach, the mysterious masked gumshoe; Nite Owl, the reluctant caped hero; the sultry, scantily-clad crime fighter Silk Spectre; Comedian, the lunatic patriot; the omnipotent, all-powerful Doctor Manhattan; and Ozymandias, the mastermind behind the end of the world as we know it!

Each character comes loaded with accessories and is ready to recreate your favorite scenes from the comic masterpiece.

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DC Universe Classics Ozymandias and Ra’s al Ghul Headline Mattycollector 11/15 Sale

Mattycollector November Sale

DC Universe Classics has one of its last big months on Mattycollector, with Ozymandias wrapping up the Black Freighter Watchmen subscription and much-wanted Batman villain Ra’s al Ghul revealing his ugly face – although I’m not sure that was intended. On the Masters of the Universe Classics side, fan-vote winner Geldor should please the mini-comics fans.

And the men of Masters now have a companion to SkirtGate – some are unhappy with the shape of the overlays on some of the new male figures, like Sea Hawk – the engineering on them add some unwanted girth to the already exaggerated torsos.

Here’s your links to early access on 11/14 at 8AM PST (Constantine and Elasti-Girl) and the bundle page for the regular sale on 11/15 at 9AM PST. Enjoy!

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NYCC 2013: Mattel Reveals 2014 Updates for DC and Masters of the Universe at Mattypalooza (Video)

NYCC 2013 - Mattypalooza - Robot Faker Reveal

Mattycollector front man Toy Guru, accompanied by Cornboy and Eric Treadaway from the Four Horsemen, updated New York Comic Con attendees with Mattel’s collector-oriented plans for 2014. For their healthiest line, Masters of the Universe Classics, it was business as usual, but with Stan Lee’s Comikaze in a couple of weeks, the reveals were at a minimum – Flogg from New Adventures and a tease of Robot Faker. On the fan vote for New Adventures 2015, Mara won – no big surprise, as I’m sure many people who did vote but didn’t care about New Adventures just went for the female character.

On the DC front, the four revealed figures for the failed 2014 Club Infinite Earths sub will be released as day of figures quarterly, with the jail-suited Doomsday as a SDCC 2014 exclusive. I have a hard time understanding the jail suit over the infinitely better “unleashed” version – I can’t believe that the better sales numbers that version would yield didn’t justify the increased tooling.

And there’s more – check out our video of the panel. We missed a small portion when the recording hit the limit, but that was just Two Bad and Glimmer, and you’ve seen them before, right?

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Ask Matty Q&A for 9/15 (a Couple Days Early!)

Once again, Toy Guru and team are a few days early with their responses for the latest Ask Matty Q&A. Thanks!

1. A lot of collectors still want to get the unleashed version of Doomsday. Is it possible to offer him individually on Mattycollector, or even as the SDCC exclusive in 2014?

DC Universe Classics Club Eternia Doomsday Unleashed DC Universe Classics Club Eternia Doomsday Unleashed (2 of 2)

No. Doomsday was only possible when banked along with 12 partial tool’d figures at tier 2 production quotas. It is not possible to just do Doomsday by himself. His production was tied directly to producing a full year of partially tool’d basic figures at the higher tier 2 quota. After not even hitting tier 1, it becomes that much more difficult to get to this “bigger” more tooling intensive version of Doomsday. We hope this was made clear during the sub-in period.

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